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The Artist radio function is brilliant but I would like to be able to create a radio station based on more than one artist. For example now I am listening to a station based on The Lumineers and is starting to get a bit tired of slow folk pop songs. But if I could add some Foo Fighters related songs to that mix the radio station would become much better. 


And once this radio station has been created and I have clicked the thumbs up and thumbs down a number of times to make the station even more perfect I would like to save that radio station so I can listen to it again without having to create it once more. 

Updated on 2017-11-10

Hey everyone, we're going to mark this idea as 'Case Closed' today. While this has been a live idea since 2012 it has always been marked as 'Not Right Now'--and we want to be more transparent about the likelihood this will be built. We believe users can easily achieve this by creating a playlist of the multiple artists you'd like to base a Radio station on. Just go to the playlist, add two or more songs (one from each artist you'd like) and then select Go to Playlist Radio.

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If rdio creates the feature to have multiple radio station seeds before Spotify does, I'll switch that day

 fredyrivas solution worked for me. If you want to add songs or artists to the mixed radio station just add the desired songs or artist to playlist and resubmit it to the radio stations. It will replace the original playlist radio station with the updated playlist radio station in its place.






 I'm currently an rdio subscriber.


Spotify, if you implement the ability to seed a station with more than one artist I'll cancel my subscription to rdio and sign up with shopify IMMEDIATELY. I'm serious -- the minute I find a place that does what Pandora does and than I can use legally (in Canada) I will be there. 


I would love to be able to do this.  For me, the problem is lack of variety on the station. Each station is really only shuffling 6-10 bands.  There's very little overlap despite the fact that the bands are all in the same genre.

If I could put in two or three bands of a similar genre, I think it would help.



Okay then.  I thought it was me who couldn't figure out how to do this


For example, I have separate stations for Allman Bros, Crosby Stills Nash, Grateful Dead, Moe, etc


I want to create MY OWN channel and just put in a list of artists.  I realize I may get stuff outside my parameters and that is okay.  I do NOT like that I have to have separate channels and hope for overlap and customize (with Yay or Nay) on lots of stations.  


It seems that it should be easy to make this feature (ie to code it)


I wonder if there is a reason that it is not available.


I can do this on Pandora and Slacker

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Much like a lot of people said, if we could just make a station based on the artists we follow — like Pandora and Rdio do — it would be golden. Also, don't let Echo Nest go to waste. They made Rdio's radio great.


I used to be on Slacker and this is exactly how their radio station works.

It's really a great feature.


In fact, I would still be with Slacker if their music collection was similar to Spotify.

PLease, implement this feature



Please, spotify, make this happen. This is why Pandora is better than you in many ways! But I can't get Pandora in Canada! T-T

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 Three years and as far as I can tell the algorithm still sucks. Admittedly I'm a new Spotify user and a long-time subscriber to Pandora, but the radio station feature on Spotify is terrible if you want a diverse selection of music on one station. I admit maybe I'm not the target Spotify user. I want a "radio station" that plays all the genres I like. That seems like the HUGE advantage Spotify and other streaming services have over something like satellite or even terrestrial. Those invariably focus on one type of music.


It seems like it should be fairly straightforward. If I base a radio station on a playlist then the algorithm should step through my playlist and use each song as a seed. If the first song is a pop song it'll find other similiar pop songs and play one, even with some probability of playing the seed song. Then when that song is done it moves to the next song in my play list and uses it as a seed. I'm sure I'm missing lots of complicating factors, but it already sounds better than whatever algorithm is currently used which causes it to get stuck on one genre.


I've been using Pandora for years and just started the Spotify premium trial period.  The reason is that Pandora no longer works properly on my Android device in conjunction with my car audio system.  Anyway, I was hoping to find the elagance of Pandora with added features on Spotify. Unfortunatly the feature that Pandora does best and is most appealing to me is totally missing from Spotify. Mikell summed it up perfectly in his opening comment and it seems simple to me.  I want the ability to create and name my own radio station and add artists and songs to it to seed the selections Spotify makes for the type of music I want to listen to or mix.


If there is no mention of adding this feature by the time my trial is over I  will be canceling Spotify.