[Radio] Variety: Play Artist only twice per Hour

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I'm a very big fan of Spotify and thanks already for awesome Android app I use everyday. However Spotify's radio on desktop and mobile keeps repeating same artists over and over all day every day forever and ever no matter what radio from playlist, song or artist you're listen. It's actually more crappy radio than this commercial crap when you open your FM radio and listening to Alexandra Stan 100 times in day.


spotify radio songs.png


What I would like to see is Advanced radio. As you can see, radio played to me in 25 minutes Irina two times and this is these days normal to radio in Spotify. This radio just repeats same artists many time in one hour, so I'm tired to this radio station in less than one hour... And no matter what radio you are listening. I want to see a better variety in music, because you have over 20 Million songs. Why you play the same all the time?


Radio for PC is a little bit better:


radio pc.png


Can Spotify improve radio?


All I asking is advanced radio with MORE VARIETY. I don't need the radio that plays the same content all day & night long. I need variety and I know you have it: over 20 Million songs.


Do not make this radio too commercial. All I asking. Now add your Kudos.


PS: If I want to listen radio like this, I can turn on my FM radio... So no need to pay anything for radio in this quality. Do a better radio for product I pay monthly-basis. Many thanks.


Listened radio for one hour:


Antti Tuisku – Hyökyaalto 6 minutes ago

Jippu – Kii 9 minutes ago

Anna Eriksson – Kuka saa sut nyt 14 minutes ago

Maija Vilkkumaa – Satumaa-tango albumiversio 18 minutes ago

Happoradio – Sinä 23 minutes ago

Happoradio – Puhu äänellä jonka kuulen 26 minutes ago

Katri Ylander – Mansikkamäki 29 minutes ago

Jenni Vartiainen – Ihmisten edessä 33 minutes ago

Kristiina Brask – Tuulilasin Nurkkaan 36 minutes ago

Maarit – Jäätelökesä 40 minutes ago

Irina – Astutaan vaikka pelätään 44 minutes ago

Apulanta – Vasten mun kasvojani 48 minutes ago

Tehosekoitin – Hetken tie on kevyt 52 minutes ago

Apulanta – Armo 56 minutes ago

Irina – Älä sano mitään 59 minutes ago

PMMP – Joku raja 1 hour ago

Neljä Ruusua – Valuva taivas 1 hour ago

Kristiina Brask – Silmät sydämeeni 1 hour ago

Chisu – Yksinäisen keijun tarina 1 hour ago

Stella – Aamun Kuiskaus 1 hour ago

Irina – Miksi hänkin on täällä 1 hour ago


See... Same artists over and over again. This is not a radio in any case. This is like tired and sleepy DJ.

Updated on 2017-08-29

Hey @hpguru we wanted to let you know we're marking this as 'Case Closed' since it's had the status 'Not Right Now' for over 3 years. We don't have any plans to restrict an artist from being played twice in an hour when using Spotify Radio. We want to be very transparent about what we might build in the Idea Exchange and what's off the table. Keep an eye here for further updates about what's coming at Spotify!

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Hey folks!!!


Thank you for Support in this idea. We need 11 Kudos more before Spotify can pass this idea internally for review (20 Kudos needed to Idea).


Please add your Kudos!!!


The radio does repeat artists ALL the time. And it doesn't matter what station I choose, it just seems to repeat the same artists. This is a big issue since it makes the radio feature of Spotify near useless to me.

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Please add more Kudos. This is big Problem in Spotify!


i also find the radio feature lacking all the above. 


Songs that i already liked to disliked shouldn't be played again for at least 1 hour. Songs i like are put on fav-list and i probably added them to some other custom playlist for later. I do not need to hear it again if i liked it. Usually i would expect that the radio starts playing a song of an similar/related artist to the one that i just liked.


How am i supposed to discover anything if you keep playing songs that are on my lists already? I obviously know those songs, probably liked them before and have no interest in listening to them as much while i am tuned to a radio station where i expect relevant content, not just a shuffle.


At the moment it is like this: 3 songs from my list, 1 new - every 5 "new" songs you play one i already skipped/liked again.. this happens so much that i start to dislike the song in the hope this thing plays anything new! 


Also, i noticed that the "radio for playlist" is not relevant to the playlist. I stopped streaming, listened to some pop song via external link, started streaming the list-radio again and suddenly you play me a related pop song while the list-radio only contains 70s rock music... Now i have to deal with that on top of all above, too.





Yes, seriously the radio function is pretty much useless. The reason tto use Spotify for me is to descover new artists and this is just terrible. Keep hearing the same stuff over and over again. Do you guys ever use it yourself?


Not only does it repeat the same artist but I have issues with it repeating the same TRACK and frequently. Sometimes only 1 or two songs away,  this is unacceptable.  I am a premium subscriber, yet I still find myself using pandora for radio streaming.  Pandora also seems to play better songs as well and learns better from thumbs up/down.  I don't ever see an improvement in the radio on spotify when I use thumbs up or down.  That being said it is a lot better than it used to be, so maybe it just needs time to learn from people using it.

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So I make sure Spotify staff will be notified about this change and then they can pass this idea internally for review in Spotify!!!


Please add your Kudos now or never :D


Upvoted. The radio is seriously disappointing currently.

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Thanks, I escalate this now to staff, so they can discuss about this internally!!!



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Rock Star 28

Sorry to burst your bubble hpguru but you need 40 kudos that this idea is reviewed in the Spotify team.

Was changed couple of weeks ago - read here.