Radio feature for Samsung Smart TV App

Hello, I would like to be able to start a radio station from the Samsung Smart TV application.  

Updated: 2015-11-17

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+ 1 on this, radio feature if one of the flagships of Spotify. We need it on TVs!


Bump. Need this feature on the Samsung smart TV.


I signed up for Spotify Premium for two reasons.


1. Mobile Radio Feature 

2. No commercials  


I have happily used the radio feature on my computer and on my phone, but have found that it's not available on my Samsung TV app.  I'm sure that there are contractual and technical reasons for this, but can anyone at Spotify tell me if attempts are being made to make the radio feature available on the Samsung TV app?  


I work from home and use this app often, so listening to the same play lists over and over get's tedious. I can make and playlists with my iTunes account with no commercials for free which is making it very difficult for me to justify continuing to pay for Spotify Premium.    


For me, Spotify's killer feature is the curated genre & mood radio stations.  I was very disappointed to learn that they're not available on my TV.


Radio or Discover options of android app or PC are interesting por Smart TV .... Thank you¡¡¡¡¡



+1 This feature is highly awaited. Why Spotify does nothing ?


The only reason I signed up for Premium was to use the radio part in the app on my TV.  As it is now, the app is fairly useless for me.

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We need this on Samsung TV's. It's my favorite spotify feature, and I'm lost without it.

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Mr Spotify, ...Please help us thousands of Premium Spotify users who have to suffer the “bare bones” Spotify app on Smart TV (Samsung in my case).


- Need to add “artist radio” easily.

- Need to blank the screen so we don’t have to look at a 55 inch Spotify logo or a 55inch album cover

whilst entertaining or relaxing.  Not to mention the possible screen burn.