Radio feature for Samsung Smart TV App

Hello, I would like to be able to start a radio station from the Samsung Smart TV application.  

Updated: 2015-11-17

Update: This idea has been submitted again here:


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Hey there, 


still no radio update of Samsung TV app?


is anybody from Spotify team reading this thread?


At least a reason why this has not been implemented yet would be nice




Hi there!


I have the same need as those listed above. In a Cloud First, Mobile First world (Yes, I just went all Microsoft on you) it's imperative that we are able to access our digital tools and services consistenly through all platforms! Spotify seeks to create better experiences through music, and the radio app is a huge component of that since it allows us to discover new artists and share them with our friends.


Please, please, ask your developers to incorporate the radio in the Samsung TV app, or have the proper negotiations with hardware partners to allow this feature. Please!


Thank you!


Go Seahawks!


Casual Listener

The App on Samsung tv sucks forced to sigened up a premium to play music from the tv and basic it's ok to pay for a service, only problem there is no service you is so limit in what you get, free service on the PC works brilliant, and Sportify wonder why they not making money !!!


I'm looking for this as well.  I love using spotify on my iphone and pc at work, but when I'm home I'd like to be able to use it through my Samsung Smart Tv.  I was hoping that I would either be able to do this through my tv or xbox.


I would rather take advantage of using the service where I can play it through my home entertainment system, unfortunately I can't seem to find a way to do this that doesn't involve going out and spending more money on something else it. the sonos speaker system to listen to spotify in my home.

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Without the radio feature, the Samsung Smart TV app looses it appeal, which makes having a premium account no longer worth the money. I guess I'll have to stick with Pandora until the apps team decides to do something about this.


This is one of my favourite things about Spotify - would love to see it on the Smart TV app!


Come on guys. Your are organized in Scrum - agile n' stuff. Let's take that feature to the next Sprint! 😉 


A year later, no radio feature available in Smart TV app. 


Another anoying thing is not being able to "search" only inside one of the playlists.


And one more: Nor being able to list the songs of a playlists by different options: date, artist, etc. Having to find manually with the remote control in a playlist by clicking down once and again is really bothering.


Come one, the world leader in online music did not make any single improve to the smart TV app in over a year?? This is not the path...


Crickets on this issue for over a year?

What's the purpose of the forum? Ventilation?

Why pay for "higher quality sound" if the material is limited through your home theater system?


I get this FREE from Pandora.


I signed-in for a premium account two days ago, only because I liked the radio feature on my TV. Since it's not present in the SmartTV app, it becomes pretty useless to me, so I am thinking about cancelling my subscription.


Maybe if all we users with the same problem cancel our subscriptions at the same time, Spotify will listen to us.


Just an idea...