Real Internet Radio

I would love it, if Spotify added internet radio etiher as an app or as a build in function. The possibility of having all the music collected in one single app or program, would be awesome. And I am not talking about internet radio as Spotify has it now, where it suggest new songs from the one you are listening to or by genre, but real internet radio, where you can listen to the local radio station in your area or to one of your favorit internet stations in another country.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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Yes! Streaming MP3s from radio stations would be such a great feature.


agreed. i realy miss this.

pleas make this app

Casual Listener

this would be awesome! Having an updating list in real-time to what the station is playing whilst listening with the then ability to add it straight to a playlist would be a very cool feature!

Music Fan

this would be brilliant!!!

we are actually in the process of building an internet radio station specifically for mental health awareness and discussion of issues surrounding mental health......but stable listening platforms is an issue with web app's and Itunes Sucks dogs balls....


I like to listen to BBC 6 Music - its the curated nature of the broadcasts.


It would be much better if I could use the spotify app to stream and listen to these radio stations ( live ).

if Spotify were to collaborate for example with the BBC , it could arrange for spotify to have access to song info for the currently played track, and also for past tracks.


The spotify app could also present the All music info, and links to the artis, band, album etc directly.

There could even be an option to have spotify ply the high bitrate version .


I originally requested for Spotify to be able to stream the LIVE broadcasts. But it would be super cool if one could access the radio shows on demand too.  Plus all the playlists could then redirect to spotify versions of the tracks, so that Premium users get 300kbps  quality playback instead of the 128kbp  htat most radio stations stream at. 


Here is an additional feature i would LOVE to se implemented once Spotify does build-in  net radio streaming, for example from the BBC radio music stations.


I often listen to a particular show  in order to catch new music i might like,  but have to sit through a whole show, and many tunes I dont like or find interesting, just in order to catche the one or two tunes that particular DJ does happen to play that i like.


While a Radio stream DJ is playing a track I dont want to hear, and waiting for it to end, I would like to be able to switch to a tune of my own choosing from with Spotify and have Spotify play that tune, UNTIL the tune being streamed from the radio station ends.   As soon as the tune played on the radio is over, and the radio show host is talking, or a different tune is now being played, I would like to have and option so tha Spotify then returns to playing the radio stream I was listening to.   At this point i cam decide whether i want ot hear this new tune from the 

radio show, or just return to my own chosen music within spotify. 


Obviously, as for my other suggestions, this requires some advanced DSP tech insid Spotify to detect music changes, or far better,  have some sort of arrangement with the music station ( eg BBC 1,2,36 etc )   so that Spotify gets  digital notification live - of when a new tune has started playing, along with information on the tune, and notification on when the tune has finished playing. 


Spotify could have a button labelled something like - "SKIP" or "IGNORE TRACK"  and then either just go silent, or continue playback of a piece of music I was playing previously, or carry on playing back music form whatever playlist, songlist  i had been using up to then. 


These features - when all taken togethers then start to form a really powerful platform for letting us hear new - CURATED music collections, such as the ones we in the UK get from  BBC 6Music -  but not have to endure sitting through lots of music we dont like, just in order to catch that rare gem in the show we truly like.




I thought you could get more than music radio. Information, talk, etc. Why not?


I travel a lot for work, and it would be great if I could access all the local radio stations (specifically for sports for myself) through spotify.  The local radio stations apps aren't always done very well, or have issues.  If Spotify could integrate with them, that would be amazing!


Check out:


It's a live radio client linked to Spotify.


## Problem

The problem is

* Spotify is the only free audio player that store playlists in the account
* the user want to access a HTTP stream playlist on all the user's devices

## Solution

Add an option to

* play HTTP streams in Spotify
* add HTTP streams to a Spotfy playlist

## Utility for Spotify

Spotify shouldn't be concerned that the HTTP stream songs can't be tracked by Spotify like in Spotify Radio because

its only net utility impact for Spotify is

* a HTTP stream feature result in more users that result in increased Spotify income