Real Internet Radio

I would love it, if Spotify added internet radio etiher as an app or as a build in function. The possibility of having all the music collected in one single app or program, would be awesome. And I am not talking about internet radio as Spotify has it now, where it suggest new songs from the one you are listening to or by genre, but real internet radio, where you can listen to the local radio station in your area or to one of your favorit internet stations in another country.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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Yes! Streaming MP3s from radio stations would be such a great feature.


Check out:


It's a live radio client linked to Spotify.


## Problem

The problem is

* Spotify is the only free audio player that store playlists in the account
* the user want to access a HTTP stream playlist on all the user's devices

## Solution

Add an option to

* play HTTP streams in Spotify
* add HTTP streams to a Spotfy playlist

## Utility for Spotify

Spotify shouldn't be concerned that the HTTP stream songs can't be tracked by Spotify like in Spotify Radio because

its only net utility impact for Spotify is

* a HTTP stream feature result in more users that result in increased Spotify income