Real Internet Radio

I would love it, if Spotify added internet radio etiher as an app or as a build in function. The possibility of having all the music collected in one single app or program, would be awesome. And I am not talking about internet radio as Spotify has it now, where it suggest new songs from the one you are listening to or by genre, but real internet radio, where you can listen to the local radio station in your area or to one of your favorit internet stations in another country.

Updated: 2015-11-17


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I'd like to add this web radio station URL's because I love 80's music and I think the revolutionary idea of add costumer URL's for radio station is perfect...and suitable for all.

Thank you guys...


As, at least here in Finland, most of the commercial radio ads are unbearably poor and listening to them makes me to skip those stations, I would gladly welcome another type of radio broadcasting. I wonder whether "pay to get rid of ads" - concept would be possible here in a way or another. One alternative would be that Spotify for instance broadened its agenda to include streaming talk and news radio. Another would of course be, that spotify licensed its purchasing method to radio stations.

Tk.its a nice radio station

I would LOVE a TuneIn app integrated with Spotify.


I want a player i can listen to both music, news and podcasta on.


+1 for this idea. Having a single piece of software that allowed me to control my music would be excellent.

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Just chiming in that I'd still really be interested in this - even if it was only a paid feature. Has anyone come up with more info or applications since this thread seems to be pretty dead.

Casual Listener

I am also very interested in such a feature! Would be great and i wouldnt need any other media player then.


HI all,


this would be awsome,


I would roll out in following roadmap order.


First step: Dumb radio station capabilites:


Give the apps (Deksopt and Mobile ) the possiblity to add the URL's towards the internet radio's availalbe on the internet right now

and act as a dumb internet radio app


2nd step:  Smart Internet radio capabilities 


Make the internet radio feature content aware, so spotify would recognize the songs playing on the internet radio stations so you can favorite / save or add them to a playlist of your choice.


3rd step: make it interactive for skipping ads and unwanted music: 


able to ignore songs and let it auotmatically play another song that' sounds the same or is a song based on the previous song that was playing on the internet radio instead.


This aslo includes recognizing ads and be able to replace it by one of your own songs automatically for the prenium users


4the step :  the free users capabilites and ad handling 


give them the dumb radio station capability and recognize the ads playing on the internet radio's as a real life pop up add ( to provide spotify some income)