Rearrange Playlists on Mobile

Hello, since I have an iPad Pro I completely stopped using my laptop. But unfortunately the mobile app of Spotify doesn't have the possibility to move playlists, so now my library is a bit of a mess.


There should be this feature at least in the iPad version.


Thank you



Update: This idea has been reposted here.


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Completely agree. Shocking that there's no ability to rearrange playlists on mobile (iOS for me) Spotify app. I remember you used to be able to, but the "3-bar" rearrange icon no longer appears when you tap "Edit" on a Playlist page. Would love to see this ability return. Thank you! 

Full heartedly agree. Can't believe this isn't a feature at this stage.

The fact that this functionality even has to be requested is just a sign of laziness.  Very disappointing, and I've been very satisfied with Spotify for the most part.

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This topic has been going for a loooong time. Ios used to be able to do this then they removed it. When someone new starts talking about it in the forums it gets marked as a "new idea" and the conversation starts from scratch. I do enjoy the functionality of Spotify but if someone releases a service (in Europe) where I can get the tunes and rearrange Playlists on mobile, I'm gone in a heartbeat.
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This is something I really need as well, and I wrote about that here:

How do you add Kudos to this so it gets implemented? Ridiculous it's not there already!!!
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I just posted this very same idea. It's completely unacceptable that Spotify won't implement this feature on the app. Especially after it used to exist. There must be a technical reason why they haven't done this yet?!

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 Anyone know the status of this?

I can't believe this hasn't been implemented yet. This is such a basic feature.

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