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Redesign the GUI

I had too much time a while ago and did a quick mockup of what i find, would be an improvement to the spotify experience under mac os x. I didn't take a closer look at the spotify web-player nor did i study spotify on other platforms. i just scribbled down what i would like to have and what would improve spotify for me at this very moment. i don't consider this a real thought through design for a new spotify app, but i wanted to share my ideas with you. perhaps it'll start some kind of discussion/conversation, or not.

however, thanks for this brilliant service.

Full Resolution Image (JPG / 1,7MB)

Sadly, the images of the redesign must have been deleted on imageshack.

Feel free to submit them again in a new topic - closing this topic for now since there's no use to leave it open without seeing the actual design.

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I really like it - great job! :)
There are definitely a lot of useful changes in there and the design looks nice too!

I will mark this idea as "Unspecified" for now, since it's unlikely it can ever be marked as 100% "implemented", but I'll leave it open for discussion. Once again - well done, I would surely use your design. ;)
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Very interesting! Really hope the design team have a sit down and look at this :D



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Now that looks like a nice GUI :D

Hopefully Spotify will consider updating the client with a design similar to this :)





Love this design, the current one definitely need some changes


Kudos :)

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Really like it, but after checking the pictures again I have my doubts that it would work out.


Especially the browser scrolling will make things weird in case someone has a lot of playlists in the sidebar or you're on an artist page with a lot of content. I think I would be annoyed if it scrolls away my favorite playlists in the sidebar when I just wana browse a bit on an artist page. Same with the activity feed (if you want to implement it) ;D


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really well done! 

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YES! The current desktop client is so ugly!

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The current GUI for Spotify is really dull and messy when I look at it, and I think people just adapted to it over time. 

I really enjoyed this redesign/concept, it has a great simplistic features to it and I think the community should let themselves be inspired. 




I'm a Windows 7 user, I would LOVE this new design. It's so gorgeous. :)


I hope Spotify takes it into consideration, because they really need to. 


However, they have 4 scroll bars because they need the ADs. 

That's one of the ways they pay for their music. :P


Hello morphcore!

Wow, we are really impressed with your mock up. Great work! It looks awesome.

Like Premify mentioned, we sometimes mark ideas as "unspecified" but will keep it open for collecting feedback and letting people comment your amazing piece of art. We are working as we speak on a better way to display Spotify so you will all have news on this in the near future.  e believe it will answer a lot of the feedback that we've received regarding Spotify's UI. Hopefully you will also love it.

Thanks so much for everything and keep the ideas coming, we love that at Spotify.