Reduced list view option (for artists and albums)

I propose to you this idea, which I think can be very useful:
I found the current view (with the large icons) a little disturbing. I'm following more than 200
artists and have stored lots of albums, honestly it is very difficult to find an artist, without
having to stir the whole list to find it.

I give to you a sketch of a type of view that might be useful to add it to both artists and
albums sections, besides of the large icons.

I hope you like my idea. My english is not perfect... sorry for that!

Current view.


Current view.png



Reduced view.


Reduced view.png

Updated: 2015-08-03

Hi and thanks for your contribution! A similar idea has also been suggested here:
Add your kudos and comments, along with your very helpful and convincing mockup, there please!

Status: Duplicate

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