Release notes when Spotify is updated

Please add release notes when Spotify for desktop is updated. How can we know which features are added, removed or fixed when Spotify tells us we need to restart? The iOS version provides release notes for each release, hopefully this can be added to the desktop version as well.

Updated on 2019-01-16

Hey folks, previously we had desktop release notes in the Spotify Community boards. Those are no longer active today, but if you would like to see release notes you can vote on this idea here: [All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App).


Please know we are actively bringing your votes and comments in the exchange to our internal teams on a regular basis. Thank you for coming to our Idea Exchange with your thoughts on Spotify.

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Couldn't agree more.

Casual Listener

please add release notes!!

Gig Goer

@nikee93 We hear from them every time the iOS version is updated. That makes the "silent" updates for the desktop even more strange.

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Quite happily see this in an update... Transparency is good!

Wow, so good!

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No change (following the link) since 2013. Guys it's most embarrassing being the market leader in streaming and not having release notes. Very unprofessional.


 I'm actually warming up to a market leader running the show this way: It lowers the professional bar for me as a software product manager 🤣

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Cannot believe there are no release notes! We're installing and running your software on our machines and have a right to know what every update contains, whether it fixes problems we've experienced, whether it brings new features, etc. Just task a junior developer with summing-up your git commits in a .txt file every time you push out a new release and plop the contents into an 'update details' window in-app. How is this asking a lot? I'm almost willing to just volunteer myself.

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But what about for iOS? Release notes are pretty important there as well. (Side note, what about if you're a beta tester for iOS, are there releases notes for the beta?)