Release notes when Spotify is updated

Please add release notes when Spotify for desktop is updated. How can we know which features are added, removed or fixed when Spotify tells us we need to restart? The iOS version provides release notes for each release, hopefully this can be added to the desktop version as well.

Updated on 2019-01-16

Hey folks, previously we had desktop release notes in the Spotify Community boards. Those are no longer active today, but if you would like to see release notes you can vote on this idea here: [All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App).


Please know we are actively bringing your votes and comments in the exchange to our internal teams on a regular basis. Thank you for coming to our Idea Exchange with your thoughts on Spotify.


Yes please!


So, what was changed and/or added with new version?

New taskbar icon for Windows is what I've seen so far. Anything else?


Do we have a changelog yet?


Maybe im blind, but I still can't find any release notes for the desktop client?


Three weeks ago it was stated that "the desktop ones will come veeery soon".

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Status changed to: Implemented


Hello folks,


Now, we have desktop release notes here in the Spotify Community!


Subscribe to the thread to get the notifications every time we announce a new release 🙂


Thanks for the feedback! it is being crucial in order to implement this, so for that, thanks so much! 🙂


ps: if you want to get the notifications in the actual client  I encourage you to create a new idea just asking for this. 


Whats new ?  lots and lots of stuff no one likes !"

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Thank you for doing this!


Just curious: why was it placed in the "Help - Desktop (Linux, Mac and Windows)" forum versus the "Spotify Announcements" forum where the other release notes are?



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I was told to restart Spotify to upgrade to the new version today (0.9.0129.g6978da9c), but there are no release notes available anywhere for this release.


Why is it impossible for you to do this right???

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I don't know about .129, but there are release for the newer(?) version .133 here:



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Where are release notes for desktop 0.9.10? And why hasn't this thread been updated since Oct 23 last year?