Release notes when Spotify is updated

Please add release notes when Spotify for desktop is updated. How can we know which features are added, removed or fixed when Spotify tells us we need to restart? The iOS version provides release notes for each release, hopefully this can be added to the desktop version as well.

Updated on 2019-01-16

Hey folks, previously we had desktop release notes in the Spotify Community boards. Those are no longer active today, but if you would like to see release notes you can vote on this idea here: [All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App).


Please know we are actively bringing your votes and comments in the exchange to our internal teams on a regular basis. Thank you for coming to our Idea Exchange with your thoughts on Spotify.

Gig Goer

New version today (, but no release notes:


Skjermbilde 2014-06-27 kl. 13.19.48.png

Music Fan

Still no release notes...

Casual Listener

4 years later - no release notes.




I want to see the realise note. 


 Please bring this back!!

Gig Goer

Yes, is there a place to see release notes for the OSX desktop version?

Casual Listener

I'd like to see release notes - especially since you update EVERY WEEK and have taken away the option of installing when is convenient.  


Spotify is acting like a virus that takes over your computer and you can't stop it.


Couldn't agree more, the new update is **bleep**in awful, I was able to manipulate my Spotify and listen to music without the " only 7 skips per hour" type of **bleep**. I was going to install the old version if I knew that would happen. And can someone tell me how it works now, 7 skips per 24 hours ?!

Gig Goer

Still no release notes area?


This is ridiculous... Every major app has a "what's new" list of some sort. This has been a constant, repeating request for years! Years! Kudos, votes and comments in different threads going on thousands...

FFS, hunting for gueses and scraps of information from random people on forums, communities and social networks whenever an update pops up. Empty promises and threads on forums that die after couple releases, usually literally begged for by users, outdated and weeks after the release anyway. Links to "the real release notes this time" that link to iOS thread... C o m e  o n ! This feature is NOT "Impemented". Not by any sane definition of that word. Ridiculous and ming boggling. This is a Monty Python level of absurd...



Help -> What's new -> a box with couple of lines of text.

Seriously, it's that simple! Come on. Get your act together already!