Release notes when Spotify is updated

Please add release notes when Spotify for desktop is updated. How can we know which features are added, removed or fixed when Spotify tells us we need to restart? The iOS version provides release notes for each release, hopefully this can be added to the desktop version as well.

Updated on 2019-01-16

Hey folks, previously we had desktop release notes in the Spotify Community boards. Those are no longer active today, but if you would like to see release notes you can vote on this idea here: [All Platforms] Changelog after each Update (In-App).


Please know we are actively bringing your votes and comments in the exchange to our internal teams on a regular basis. Thank you for coming to our Idea Exchange with your thoughts on Spotify.


I defninitely think a changelog is a good idea, I'm always wary of updating software without the knowledge of what is going to be added or removed with the update. At the moment the blue bar appears at the top saying "Like to install the latest version of Spotify? Just restart Spotify to upgrade.". This could read the same with the phrase "See what's new in this version." added to the end which would be clickable like the present 'restart Spotify'. This would bring up a dialog box with the changelog and options to either restart or cancel. A changelog should be available on the Spotify website as well, either on the download page or on a dedicated page which contains an archive of changelogs for all platforms, not just Windows.


With regards to communication from the developers, the way that Opera communicate changes to the release builds and work on their development builds through their blog is for me an example of how best to go about it. The way that they display their changelogs for release builds is also pretty good, with changes indexed by version number and date and then the changes in each build grouped into categories such as Interface or Security.


@Richard You should post them on the blog/twitter just like the iOS updates

Gig Goer

Any news here?

Gig Goer

New version today:




What's new?

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- Bug fixes

- Recent notifications in the top (megafon)


Maybe more. The info is from me, just tried Spotify from start to finish.


what about  the radio feature like on my iPad/iPhone??

Not the Radio it self. but the option to like/dislike musik on the radio.

i like to remove songs that comes up that i dont like,

like Skrillex. hate that.

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Hey again,


Spotify seems to be happy updating blog with total crap rather than a relese notes information.


@Richard, Just put them anywhere please. I would suggest a thread in the community with "see what's new" link in the app when you are asked to upgrade.

Casual Listener

One great example of release notes for a product is Firefox:


It clearly shows what's new, what's changed, what bugs are fixed.  Of course Spotify is not open-source and so I can understand that there won't be quite as much transparency.  But links to corrensponding posts in the Ideas forum, where available, would be perfect.


I would also echo others that anything is better than nothing at this point.


I agree, please post release notes somewhere. And if they already exist somewhere, please post that link here! :-)