Remastered albums: Offer also the original version

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Why are so many albums 'remastered' often with additional tracks added which were not on the original release. I hate albums  being messed with like this and just want to listen to the album as it was when it first came out. Why can't i do this??? Its so annoying. 

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My opinion there should be something for a long time. What I would not be bad would find an indication that OGG vorbis version is used. Is it the current or earlier?

I agree, it would be awesome to be able to see the discography of an artist with the original albums only. No remaster, no special editions, no double cd blah blah blah, just the albums. Then, if that was avaialable, it would be great if it could be sorted by year, so that the discography could be heard from the first album releasted to the last or vice versa. 


 Agree here. It seems that so many remastered albums have been so compressed to suit todays distorted music tastes. I grew up on 80's metal (I know not the best example of sonic fidelity) and it's great to find my old favorites on Spotify since my original vinyls are packed away and my turntable is gone. But the sound is not good, and some favorites are just bad. Surely original mixes can be featured as well??


Remastered versions are crap... sound is a mess, no separation at all. 


would just the albums to be as they originally were, why double up the same tracks? Very, very, very annoying. Spotify LISTEN PLEASE!!


+1. It's not only the remastered sound that annoys me a little bit, but that most of the times I have to create custom playlists to listen just to the tracks on the original album.


This should have way more kudos. Not having access to the original is absolutely infuriating, the majority of remasters are garbage. It's as if the tracks aren't even available because I can't even listen to that crap. Is it a liscencing issue? It's very possible that record companies are only allowing the use of the remasters.


I agree completely, remasters are almost never an improvement they are just more compressed and clipped to be louder.


I hate remastered versions.  It spoils the original music.  For this reason I may switch to Apple Music 

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