Remove Duplicates within the Playlist

We should be able to right click a playlist and have the option to delete duplicates of songs added etc without having to go looking through that playlist to delete all the duplicates ?

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You may also be interested in this idea about preventing duplicates in playlists.


good idea (Y)


HIGH PRIORITY for people who want lots of variety-- which is the Spotify strength!

Summary:  The fastest way to build the kind of extensive, varied, and flexible music library that you want is to import into folders-- such as Soul, Torch, Classical, Hip-Hop, Jazz-- the many excellent playlists already assembled by our fellow users.  After combining any good and varied 30 playlists, you will have a total of 20 tracks of "Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing"-- where there are no duplications within any playlist combined in the Folder. Probably, you want your "CoreMusicFolder" to have only one track of each song.

Your "CoreMusicFolder" would contain Folders for CoreSoul, CoreTorch, Core... .  Each of these "core" folders would contain what you consider to be "one track."

Some people consider each of the over 700 different performances of "Eleanor Rigby" in the following playlist [ ] to be a different track; I would want to eliminate all but one data record from that playlist-- for my "CoreMusicFolder."  For my "CoreMusicFolder", I would want my "Auto delete duplicates" function to delete all but one random instance of that playlist of 700 Eleanor Rigbys-- based only on TrackName.  I promise to cherish my one random Eleanor Rigby that god gives me.
Others would want their "Auto delete duplicates" function to delete all but one random instance of [Artist:TrackName] such as done at this valuable site [ ].

Thus, the "Auto delete duplicates" function should have several options.

Some people would want the "Auto delete duplicates" function to normalize the TrackName by 1) removing "... remaster ...", "... remix ..." from the TrackTitle and 2) putting the TrackName in all lower case to reduce all of the following playlist [ ] to one single random instance-- or possibly discriminate on the "Time" which indicates here three unique performances.  So the "Auto delete duplicates" should have a menu of options including the following:

* Remove only exact URL duplicates
* Remove [Artist - TrackName] duplicates
* Remove [Artist - TrackName] duplicates after removing "...remaster..." and other suffixes from the end of TrackName
* Remove [Artist - TrackName] and Time duplicates after removing suffixes from the end of TrackName.

As an extension of my "CoreMusicFolder" I would want a "RepeatsFolder" which would contain however many versions of "Eleanor Rigby" that I want to have in my rotation of music I hear.  But even in this "RepeatsFolder" I would want to have my "Auto delete duplicates" function eliminate all but one from duplicates of the URL index.

So for the "RepeatsFolder" I would select the

* Remove only exact URL duplicates

option from my "Auto delete duplicates".

Then the "CoreMusicFolder" and the "RepeatsFolder" would reside within my "CompleteLibraryFolder".  I would play the "CompleteLibraryFolder" in Shuffle mode.

Note that the "Auto delete duplicates" is merely an automated driver of the function "Delete tracks from folder" which is described at this link [ ].

And then the manual "Delete tracks from folder" would drive the same DeleteTracks function so that you could manually delete the following duplicate which the "Auto delete duplicates" cannot reach because there is a typo in the TrackName:

Thus, the "Auto delete duplicates" development includes the "Delete tracks from folder" development-- but is completely independent and not related to the "Prevent duplicates in playlists" described at this link [

The "Prevent duplicates in playlists" function is useful only to those users who put together small playlists less than 3,000 tracks by inserting one track at a time.

In contrast, the "Auto delete duplicates" function is useful to those users who copy playlists from other users into Folders and then need to "Auto delete duplicates" where the duplicates arise only because existing playlists have been combined into Folders.

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The solution I've found is a website created by one of the Spotify developers via the Spotify web API.

Check it out:


It's pretty awesome! You just need to log in with your Spotify account and it scans all your playlists for duplicates. Then just press the button and *boom*... duplicates gone! 😄


Available websites will not detect and therefore will not "delete" duplicates from the following playlist [ ].


Here follow the [ Artist:TrackName ] values of that playlist in which available websites will not find and will not "delete" duplicates.


Billie Holiday – I'll be Seeing You

Billie Holiday – I'll Be Seeing You - Live (1956/Carnegie Hall)

Billie Holiday – I'll Be Seeing You - Bonus Track

Billie Holiday – I'LL BE SEEING YOU - Original

Billie Holiday – I'll Be Seeing You - Remastered


Technically, you may say that these are not "duplicates"-- that is these five tracks have five different URLs in the Spotify database. However, four of these five are hated duplicates if you are putting together a playlist for a dance party where you want no repeats and no covers of the same song. Even worse, the first two of these tracks repeat the exact same performance sounds, which you can tell immediately if you play them one after the other; both tracks are listed at TIME = 2:28 . So the first two tracks are "duplicates"-- even if no available website can find them.


Hence, any useful "Auto Delete Duplicates" function should have at least the following options for what the user considers to be "duplicate":


1) Same URL


2) Same [ Artist:TrackName] after removing all suffixes such as "Remaster", "Live", ... and after reducing TrackName to all Lower case so that "Song" and "SONG" would be detected as "duplicates"


3) Same [ TrackName ] -- How else will your "Auto Delete Duplicates" function identify and remove all but one of the 700 covers by different artists in different performances of "Eleanor Rigby"? How many times do you want to hear the same song in a party playlist? Of course, your party may be an "Eleanor Rigby" party in which case you would want to delete only those "duplicates" that have the same URL-- as provided by Option 1) above.

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We're marking this idea as "not right now" but we definitely want your continued feedback around this topic. Any updates we have regarding duplicate songs in playlists will be posted here first. Thanks again everyone for using the Ideas board for your Spotify feedback. 


I do think this is  a good idea, however, there should be a notification or selection box of what is and isn't to be deleted. 

There are times when I add a track more than once so that there is a higher probability of it being played.

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I would really like this feature!
But maybe their should also be a "Show duplicates", where you would see duplicates and only duplicates and would be able to delete some of the duplicates but not all. 

Great idea and I cannot believe such a feature is not available!