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Remove Facebook from a Facebook created Account

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I have noticed an increase in posts recently relating to people who wish to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but if they do so they will also loose access to their Spotify account, since it was created using their Facebook details. 


There should be an easy way to change your Spotify account, from a Spotify account which is tied to Facebook, to a Spotify (email only) account without the need to go through the quite long process outlined in my tutorial here


This relates quite closely to being able to change your username idea, but I think this is different issue!

Please please please implement this!



Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Me too here. It's not that hard to transfer playlists and albums from one album to another (unless you have thousands of them which I don't) and it's all right to wait until your premium expires before moving but I just can't afford to lose my history and the awesome suggestions that let me discover new music. Some day they may implement a feature that lets you go back in time to see what kind of music you were into in, say, 2014 and without your play history being transfered there's simply no way to do that.

My guess is that it's Facebook who's holding off transfers somehow. Either they maintain a separate database or have an agreement that disallows transfers. Knowing Facebook it seems pretty plausible.


I'm trying to deactive my Facebook account because I have a stalker.  So what I'm reading is that I CAN"T unlink my Facebook and Spotfy anf if I DO I LOOSE EVERYTHING I"VE MADE?!  I'm SOOOOOO not happy here.  I have I don't know HOW many playlists and songs and albums and artists that will just go POOOOOF?!?!  EVERYWHERE I freaking go I tote Spotify's amazingness.  But THIS CRAP-one VERY UNHAPPY SASS!  FIX THIS OR I WILL CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!  I created my account with an email but I have the digit username.  I logged in ONCE with FB because I couldn't remember my username/password because I went from a premium trial to free-BLAH.  WTH?!?!


It is exceptionally frustrating that I can't update my facebook account and have my spotify account follow. Posts I see in this forum go back over two years ago discussing this same issue. In TWO years no one has managed to remedy this situation?! That's ridiculously ineffecient. 


If this is not fixed within a couple of months I will switch to a different provider, this is unfortunately the only way to "reward" their behavior.


It seems a bit absurd that this isn't fixed yet.  It has been more than two years since Spotify acknowledged that this problem exists.  And they still haven't done anything?  I am incredibly unimpressed with Spotify at the moment (primarily due to their complete lack of anything resembling customer service), and the fact that they have spent more than half of their time as a company ignoring a very prevalent user complaint does not speak well for them.  


I understand if you're not going to fix it, but if that's the case, please do not ignore my e-mails and customer service requests.  How long does it take to send a customer an e-mail with a link to change your password?  Most companies do it instantly, but you guys have neglected to send hundreds of people this link (numerous people on numerous forums having the exacty same customer service problem).


I have paid $10 per month for about 18 months now, and the complete lack of customer service is appalling.  Please fix this before I leave to use a different streaming application.


Hey SPOTIFY!!! Since I can't get rid of my link to Facebook and I can't find ANY way to contact you about it I am CANCELING! BYE!


Hey @mlacouague,


The best way to get rid of Facebook is to create a new account. 


To transfer your playlists:


 - Login to your old account

 - Make your playlists public

 - Log out / Log in to your new acocunt

 - Go to your old accounts profile

 - Either follow, or create a new playlist with the contents of your existing playlist




I would love to know how they are handling this with those of us who can't even login to FB due to that silly @ss  "real name" BS????


Can we please just have a button that unlinks the two??


So ridiculous that i have to upload my playlist just to unlink from Facebook.





 I'd like to see this fixed as well. As of right now, I'm unable to log in to the standalone app on my mac, or the web player. I keep getting an error message on Facebook whenever I try to log in:


Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 12.15.18 PM.png


I can't seem to find anything to help me log in, and I'm not getting any help from Spotify support. I guess I'll just give Spotify money for nothing...

EDIT: Additionally, it's a really dumb idea to put your support contact form behind a login page. You know, in case your users might be having trouble logging in to begin with?