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Remove Facebook from a Facebook created Account

Status: Inactive Idea

I have noticed an increase in posts recently relating to people who wish to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but if they do so they will also loose access to their Spotify account, since it was created using their Facebook details. 


There should be an easy way to change your Spotify account, from a Spotify account which is tied to Facebook, to a Spotify (email only) account without the need to go through the quite long process outlined in my tutorial here


This relates quite closely to being able to change your username idea, but I think this is different issue!

Please please please implement this!



Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Hey there,


after the recent stories with facebook it's even more important for you to find a way to automagically entangle facebook-spotify accounts. I'm also going to delete my facebook account and reaching out to you via support to migrate all my data is not really a proper way. ESPECIALLY when I'm a paying member.


Thanks in advance to take this into consideration 😉




Hi Spotify Team,


Since recent events and woes in regards of Facebook, I would really like to ditch the Facebook connection without losing my full Spotify history, like explained here:


It kind of sucks because at that time, the only possible advertised way to start a Spotify account was via a Facebook account ... Please let me ditch those US-based Silicon Valley vultures, without losing all my Spotify data!


You've got an opportunity here 🙂 ...

I've got Spotify Premium for Family with my account as the owner, so if I want to kick across to a non-Facebook account (which I desperately want to do as this is the sole reason I haven't killed my FB account completely thus far) I'm going to lose my entire Premium for Family account details - my family won't be happy!!!


Come on guys, please give us a better way to do this - you already have 'pseudo' account handling as you support passwords for devices so surely you can fix this.


Do you really want to be the reason people have to keep a **bleep** Facebook account?

Is this still not possible?




i'm living in germany and when i contact the support for transfering my old songs from the account with facebook i only get a random message with useless tips. Could you help me too? 

Yes, I got lost in that loop as well.
Spotify might be hiding something from us... It is the moment to separate music from social interaction FB is old, more an more people are leaving the plataform.

Spotify is very stubborn regarding this issue. They close almost all the similiar ideas immediatelly with the same lame suggestions. At least you should offer for you customers to migrate their accounts by yourself and then probably you would end up implementing this feature for your convenince...


"We're still unable to implement this idea for quite a few reasons." - I would be curious to hear the reasons. Apparently changing APIs and disconnecting older Spotify capable AV receivers from your service is something you can do.


Have you tried hire developers who can think outside the box and take this problem as a challange and not something to ignore?


To do this I contacted Spotify customer services on Twitter and they walked me through the process.  Super helpful and dead easy - highly recommend you do the same.


My FB account is now dead.  This is a good thing.


what is my spotify username if i registered with facebook?


Unable due to quite a few reason. Continues to not mention the reasons...