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Remove Facebook from a Facebook created Account

Status: Inactive Idea

I have noticed an increase in posts recently relating to people who wish to deactivate their Facebook accounts, but if they do so they will also loose access to their Spotify account, since it was created using their Facebook details. 


There should be an easy way to change your Spotify account, from a Spotify account which is tied to Facebook, to a Spotify (email only) account without the need to go through the quite long process outlined in my tutorial here


This relates quite closely to being able to change your username idea, but I think this is different issue!

Please please please implement this!



Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Can we revisit this as I think there is a lot of demand for moving Spotify accounts away from Facebook. Given the current concern over Facebook's use of data, and explicitly that of apps that it is linked to, many people are deactivating their Facebook accounts.


It is not good enough to suggest that the only way to move forward with Spotify independantly is the convulated process of creating a new account, contacting support to get playlists transferred, etc.


Spotify need to give their users an easy method for converting the authentication process used for their account. If the process is too hard then many might see this as a trigger to just cancel their account.


Being that Facebook is under such scrutiny for all of the privacy issues, it would seem to me that this would be a PRIORITY for Spotify to ensure an easy way to sever this link.


Please work harder on getting this done without jumping through multiple hoops, or upon closing/reopening accounts, I may have to look at other streaming services... especially paired with Spotify's neglect of Android users and your sub-par app.

How hard can it be?

Do it!


This can’t be that hard to implement because it’s very possible to do all of those steps programmatically.


As a paying Spotify customer who is very concerned with the current Facebook data breach, I am outraged that  there is no way for me to unlink my Spotify account from my Facebook account. This should be a high priority for Spotify if they don't want to lose their paying customers.


The solution is not only not elegant it is also far away from a complete migration.

The the system does not allow support agents to transfer "People I Follow" or "Music History(with that comes Daily Mixes and Discover Weekly)" to the new account. This makes the process so tedious that I asked them to revert the process and transfer everything back to the old facebook connected account.

EDIT: The support team is unable to transfer everything back to the old account due to some other restrictions.


What surprised me was that they were able to disconnect my old account from facebook and also to change the email(to *snip*.deleted) of the old account during the migration, which was what I initially wanted to do.

Hi! I really want to dump Facebook. (As I am sure you are aware, there's like an international movement to do so!) ... I've read the help files, and, well, it just does not seem acceptable that I must sign-up for a new account to do so. I've spent many hours on my playlists, and, really, it'd be a total hassle to re-invite my family members to the new account. Can the developers work on this? 


Hello Spotify Community!


I have an UPDATE ...


I had a lovely chat with Jonathan V. via Spotify chat help today. I'm giving him ****** (yes that is 6 our of 5*s) for his assistance! Seems that chat help is ready to help with the process of migrating to a new account. While it is a hassle to do this, pick a chat-helper at Spotify and let him/her guide you. I was able to get the proper assistance to move playlists and even followers to my new acct. Jon refunded my current acct. and restructured my entire new acct., and he even waited for me to check everything out (including my login on my desktop version).


The developers still need to make this easier for everyone ... but if you can find 20 min. to get real-time assistance you should do it!


~ drrcjones


his links take me to a never ending menus to nowere... please be specific, or make a link dedicated to us and not a limbo.