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It's easy, I have a random person called Rolf who has subscribed to a load of my playlists. Now yer, I could make them private, but I want my facebook friends to listen to these playlists. I don't have this guy on Facebook and as it's my playlist, I want to be able to block him. But I can't. Help me and everyone!

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Updated: 2016-03-21


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Yes, I want to be able to be more selective about who has access, and rermove people from my lists, who I wish to, music is really quite personal.


Otherwise, all public lists become private and a loss overall of the spotify intent. And lets be honest to increase the spread of music to and therefore decreasing licensing costs.


I would love to be able to remove/block someone from my playlists, or at least if I block them on facebook that be reflected on spotify.



This one is critical!


i have the same problem

i have a person that suscribed to my playlist, and i want to block this person, it's really important for me.

i don't want to make the playlist private, i want people to be able to listen to it, but just this one person - i want to block this one.


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Yes this is important. I have an ex girlfriend signing up to all my lists, and what do you think my wife thinking about that..

Can someone responsible at Spotify explain how I can remove people subscribing to my playlists. I don´t want to remove all people - just some that I don´t want subscribing and sharing my playlists.


Come ON!


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Here´s a suggestion.

I really can´t understand why this isn´t implementet yet. To be in charge over privacy is important for many of us.


Remove block subscribers




I agree with all of the comments above. Just to clarify: The fact that you can't remove (block) your subscribers is simply frustrating.


Can someone from Spotify please look into this soon?

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They need to add this. It's so annoying having people you dont know or dont want to, subscribed to your lists. Especially since the list I want to keep away from people is the "Starred" list, and the damage has already been done. I didnt know how to make it private and so now I have subscribers on it. Annoying.


a close friend of mine died few days ago, and i want him removed from my list he subscribed to. I find it very bad there are no such option. Now i can see the last song he played and his picture, and it makes me feel very sad each time i open spotify.

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Cmon spotify, what is happening!!!!! this is a BAD privacy hole. I don't want my activities of when I add items to any of my playlists notifying random strangers in their email inboxes the instant I do it! MY GOSH.