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Remove followers

Since we can choose who to follow, we should be able to do the same with our followers (I have noticed in the last update I have more than 30 followers and I only know 2 of them!).


My suggestion is a simple option to "block" or remove followers, same as you can do when you choose to follow/unfollow someone.

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AW! Sorry!

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I would love to add some more control to that function better.  For example, disable anyone's ability to follow me.  Keep in mind, I try to keep my social profile at a minimum which is why I think it should be an option but not forced.

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Hello all,

I'm tired of waiting for this basic feature so I cancelled my Spotify subscription. I advice everyone in this forum to do the same. Once you cancel, they ask you why. I've clearly explained them why (see text below). If we all cancel and explain them why we cancel, they will have to change this privacy setting! It's our right!!


Why are you unsubscribing?

What features?

The ability to block and/or remove Followers! It's all about privacy which should be standard. Many online forums are asking/begging for this feature. We're tired of waiting. So I cancel my subscription until till this feature is implemented. I know many will follow me as it's not up to Spotify to take decisions about our privacy. The longer it takes to get this feature active, the more will change to a different music app!