Remove the Downloads section from the Playlist section

Thanks Spotify team for adding folders to the playlist section of the Android App, but when I go to playlists and want to open a Folder I have to scroll down all the way to all playlist. This is because there is this really annoying section of only downoalded playlists.


And when I have moved inside of a folder and want to go back, i have to scroll back, because the App doesn't remember the place in the list, where  I was...


We don't need a section with only the downloaded playlist. It just makes it much more impractical to use this section of the app.

Just let the not downloaded Playlists disappear when I go to offline mode or something like this. But this is just so annying.


I have 63 playlist downoaded. I have to scroll down all of this playlists to go the the folders. Why?


If you so badly want this feature, please make a own section with just dowloaded playlists or folder. But don't just inundate the playlistsection.

On the newest Spotify Android version you shouldn't have a separate offline playlist section. Instead you can filter the offline playlists now. ;)

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I completely agree. Actually, "Downloaded" could be a "virtual playlist" in the ALL section of the App (like the "Stared" one).


Now that spotify android supports folder I have to scroll down dozen or hundreads or items to reach the playlist that I care about (thouse I made. I don't care so much about what is "Downloaded". The fact that a title is greyed out when not available is enough info).


Agreed. This is totally against the "folder structure" that you've allowed us to create. Moving over from an iPhone this week, all the work I've done creating organization seems to have been for nothing, because I now have to scroll through 100s of "Downloaded Items" before getting to my folders. What's the purpose of it, and if it's important to some people, can you make it "hide-able" for others?




I want to bump this request. I also switched from iPhone to Andorid (Galaxy S3). But this is most annoying to see all my downloaded lists at the top and to have to scroll down to get to the folders.

Also if I scroll down and enter a folder and then press the "back" button I am sent to the top again. Wouldn´t it be possible to let me just jump out of the folder but stay where it is in the playlist?


If that is not possible then please at least fix the "downloaded" section so that you can hide it and just mark the playlists that you have downloaded green or something




Agree with above that the "downloaded" playlists area should have a collapse option.


It's a little sad that such a simple modification (a single new checkbox in the settings and hiding one element on the playlists page) has been sitting around for a year without being implemented.

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This thread was started june last year why haven't you - Spotify - reacted to this thread yet? I posted a similar thread around the same time.

It's a very good idea, and something that at the very least should be an option for the user.

Come on Spotify - reaction needed!

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This needs to be solved!
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Seeing a giant list of downloaded playlists completely defeats the purpose of folders. Should be an option to hide.

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I'm amazed this idea has received almost no support. We don't even need an option to hide the downloaded list - it's superfluous and should be removed completely.

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The fact that this has not been fixed is crazy its a major flaw makes organizing music by playlist folders and playlist pointless on android devices if you want to use them for offline use Spotify really needs to fix this issue.  Ethier remove it entirely or make it so you can hide it.  And when in offline mode just grey out or don't show albulms/songs we don't have downloaded as opposed to showing us the downloaded playlist with no playlist folder organization it defeat the purpose of it in the first place.