Remove the annoying BEEP sound effect when controlling Spotify with external controls


Spotify makes a wildly annoying BEEPING sound every time tracks are skipped using a bluetooth remote or iPhone remote control.


Possible Solution(s):


  1. Remove the beep!  No one will complain.
  2. Make it not annoying (quieter, cuter, maybe make it sound more pleasant than a microwave or alarm clock beeping??)
  3. Add a feature in the menu to allow us to mute it
  4. Add an "advanced user" toggle in the menu of Spotify that reveals a larger menu which provides more control over the interface, including this annoying sound
  5. Add a feature, similar to the menu on Roku, where the system doesn't BEEP every time you press a button.  I believe Roku has an intelligent alogrithm that only beeps when buttons are pressed in quick sucession (the reasoning is likely that this is the only time that people need to be explicitly aware of how many presses were registered).

There has been a series of 68+ posts in a separate thread where people are pleading for this to be solved.  It's really, really insane that a program which is explictly designed for delivering pleasant sounds is intentionally doing otherwise.  We're all here because we love Spotify, otherwise we would've long switched to any one of the other BEEP-less programs.  But, please, we beg you, fix this one glaring flaw of yours and we'll be quiet and continue giving you our $9.99/month.


Thank you,

The ears and sanity of many

Updated: 2015-11-17


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I like the beeps!  Particularly as there are different sounds for different things which makes it clearer what is going on without needing to look at the screen.


It annoys me that Audible (the other App I use a remote control with) doesn't have the same sounds.


Each to their own I suppose!



What if they allowed people to choose whether they heard the noises?  

Maybe they would even let you make the noises be louder and BEEPier? 


I agree with searchresults, those beeps are wildly annoying! For me solution 2 isn't a solution at all. I can't think of a way in which any sound would be agreeable. When I'm listening to beautiful music I don't want to hear any sound when I pause the tracks, etc. The fact that the majority of other streaming apps don't have these sounds just illustrates their uselessness. At least give us an option to turn them off.

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I do rate Spotify very highly indeed, but feel that the beeps do bug me a little and even more so when I have the music volume up a little on the high side.

My guess is Spotify don’t want the program full of extra bells and whistles which will bloat the software, which maybe stops them making changes.

I’m not on the change it or I’I'll stop using Spotify bandwagon, but I am on the go improve spotify train, which in my opinion would benefit from a small change to this feature.

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The problem for me is not just the beeps when using the headphones remote - it's that you also get the same beeps when using Spotify over Airplay and the volume is very loud. They are not just annoying but potentially speaker damaging when that loud over Airplay. I vote for their complete removal, they were a dumb idea in the first place, but an option to let people choose would also be acceptible.

I vote for ANYTHING to reduce client bloat. These sound effects are completely pointless. Supposedly a dev has already submitted a change for potential release by Spotify.
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The option to turn the sound off may be coming in an update soon.


Check back here for the latest. I will try to keep everyone updated. 


Thank you Matt!


Where should I address these?


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@searchresults Check your messages.