Repeat button for ONE song. Not just for a playlist.

Create a repeat button for a single song! Sometimes I want to hear a song a few times in a row!
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It sucks as hell! Every time when I'm driving, I have to constantly grab the phone and repeat the song that I'm listening to manually. It's dangerous. I have to learn songs all the time by repeat it manually! I found every single music app has the repeat single track mode, that's the foundation. I don't understand why spotify doesn't has which is such a stupid idea.I don't think it's gonna cost a lot for you guys to put it in since you've earned so much from the premium users each month. who wants to bother creating a single playlist for a song every time? That dosen't make any sense for a professional app which I have to pay $9 per month. if you guys don't put this mode in asap, I'm considering stop my membership. Also a lotta my friends are suffering with this issue currently as well, we might stop the service at the same time!!!
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I'm still wating for such a simple and crucial update of the iOS app. Thank you!


Please oh please for the love of all your premium members alone will you please put a "reapeat single song" button on the Mac Store/PC Interface Interface as well as iOS.  I totally agree with YT that if I want to listen to a song over and over again just because I love it so darn much I have to constantly hit the back button on my iPhone and if I am driving that is double trouble just waiting to happen.  Developing as well as adding the code to the software that would add this simple yet highly useful feature to your incredible product would make it A+ in my book and would potentially save the lives of drivers that have to take their eyes off the road because their music app of choice does not have a "repeat single song" functionality.  You guys are litterally at the top of your game and my only intention is to offer a suggestion which would add to the value of what you offer your loyal customers.


This is how to repeat 1 song:


1. Create a New Playlist

2. Add your favorite song to said playlist

3. Start playing your song

4. Press the circular arrow in the right hand corner (it will change from gray to green)

5. Enjoy listening to your song endlessly!


Happy Spotifying!!!



One shouldn't have to create a playlist to repeatedly listen to a song...


Here's an idea... stop trying to change the behavior of people for your own reasons...


Does it ever strike you that people just simply likes to listen to a song repeatedly at times... 



Hong (a paying customer)


there is NO WAY a music app can not have a "repeat 1" button!!! I will have to cancel my subscription if can't fix this!!! the trick with the playlist is good but not good enough.

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Repeat one has now launched in the desktop client (v0.9.7+).