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When spotify got the "Your Music" system, my daily music routine changed significantly. Now, I save every song or album I like, and I usually just listen to "Songs", under "Your music". Pretty much like I used Starred before it was removed. However, there are obvious problems with this system. I have a very diverse taste in music; I listen to everything from weird prog metal to smooth jazz to movie soundtracks. This makes my playlist very weird when I have shuffle enabled (which is pretty much always). So what stops me from just having multiple playlists, one for each genre? Well, because it isn't that simple - music isn't that simple. I came up with a solution a few months ago, and I talked it over with some friends, which seemed to like it. So here it is: 


 The problem

My solution to this problem is to discard the whole playlist mentality. This is a really old mentality - as old as I can remember listening to digital music. And it is flawed. The problem is that songs only 'fits' in certain contexts; but more importantly, it's multiple contexts.


Let's say I want to listen to Deadmau5. That's fine, I could have a playlist with nothing but Deadmau5. But what if I want to listen to a lot of electronic music? Well, Deadmau5 has to be in that playlist too. Maybe I want to listen to calm and relaxing electronic music. Deadmau5 has some of those. Maybe I only want to listen to relaxing Deadmau5 songs? 


As you can see, the moment you want to be a little specific about what you want to listen to, you run into trounble. The amount of playlists you need will grow very fast. 


 The idea

You have one playlist - "Your music". This is your library, pretty much as it is now. Just a very long list of songs you have chosen. From here, all your songs are tagged. These tags could be anything. Having artist, album and genre is a good set of default tags. From there, you could mark them as 'upbeat', 'relaxing', 'weekend', 'studying', or whatever you like. 


The way you decide what to listen to is you filter by tags. Let's say you want to have a relaxing weekend. Just filter out all the songs which doesn't contain the 'weekend' and 'relaxing' tags. Maybe you don't want to listen to classical music. Just exclude the 'classical' tag. By filtering your library with the tags you do or do not want, you are creating the perfect playlist with just a few keystrokes. Don't want to type the same tags each time you start spotify? Just save them. This way, it will look and feel the same way as playlists to today - except that yours are automatically updating themselves when you add music to your library.


.. a little too extreme?

There are some challenges to this system. When follwing someone elses playlist, you might not want to 'import' every song into your library. And maybe you don't want you playlists to change. That's OK - we can still keep playlists as they are now. If you don't want to sort though your entire music library and get the perfect playlist, you can just use regular playlists! 





The idea isn't polished, nor is this text. I'm very open for suggestions! And don't forget to press the Kudos button! 

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