Revert the font back to the original size (or provide an option to do so)

After the last update the physical gap between each song on the playlist is bigger. This leads to a lot of scrolling, and when you have a few hundred songs in a playlist, it will be a problem.


Before I could see 51 songs on my screen, but now I only see 38.


This is how it looks on my screen:




It should be optional!


Edit April 2014: It's even worse after the new update. Now only 21 songs show up at the same time.



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey all,


since that idea has been posted there have been 2-3 major facelifts of the Desktop app.

Therefore this idea will be closed and linked to a more current one that focuses also on wasted space in the current Desktop app:


P.S: You can also Zoom out now, to decrease the font size.


I agree, its yet another step back for these so called "updates",  they really should be known as backdates, we really should have the option to keep an older version or not, these newer releases are total s**te ............

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I think this change was to be able to accommodate Chinese characters as they've now been added. But I don't think all the other languages should suffer just because of this. I totally agree with you both, for big playlists especially it makes it harder to navigate and find tracks easily. 


Surely a way of altering the size of font and spaces inbetween wouldn't be very hard to do, so that it will take into account Chinese and if people want bigger/smaller fonts +spaces for other reasons.


It's not a good time to be messing things up with Apple's rival program coming soon.


Agreed! Please revert this so called "update", the extra space does absolutly nothing good. 

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I agree with the comments above. The update reduces functionality in several ways and doesn't contribute with anything really. Please revert back to the old style, or make the nye style voluntarily. 

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To make it clear: This idea requests the padding (extra space above and below the text in a line) and the font size to revert back to the way it was before version 0.9.0, or to even provide an option in the settings to adjust them manually.

Spotify has some serious issues, albums appear in the singles-section, artist-page doesn't show all the albums that are on spotify, all the artists of the same name are still listed on the same page, album release years are everything but right, playlist duration information has been taken away... and what does spotify...

...enlarge the font size? Goddammit. My finger is already one click away from the premium account cancelling button. Be aware of that.


Agreed, font is just too huge for me, I think people would love to have an option to adjust font size just for them, some may like it smaller, some may like it bigger.

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I agree.


Latest updates:


- White background on search, album and profile views (Hate this)

- No more find function (CTRL + F) in the artist/album view (Hate this)

- No more release year on the album (Hate this)

- New follower system

  - Cant no longer view who are following my playlists (Hate this)

  - The activity feed looks messy (Hate this)

- New profile is messy, top tracks only shows 5 tracks and I cant even find my own top tracks (HATE THIS)

- Too big font on the playlists (HATE THIS)


So I'm sorry Spotify but for me the updates have only made things worse and nothing really better..


Is it possible to download an older version of spotify and use it without problems?


@multi basically summed it all up. Another step back for Spotify. Why not make font sizes an option?


All the reasons I stayed with Spotify instead of moving to MOG or Rdio are starting to diminish with every update.


New update is so worse. I Hate it, cause I can't find any album cover any more in library ?

Help ...  I want to choose if I want a new release or not ?

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