Revert the font back to the original size (or provide an option to do so)

After the last update the physical gap between each song on the playlist is bigger. This leads to a lot of scrolling, and when you have a few hundred songs in a playlist, it will be a problem.


Before I could see 51 songs on my screen, but now I only see 38.


This is how it looks on my screen:




It should be optional!


Edit April 2014: It's even worse after the new update. Now only 21 songs show up at the same time.



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey all,


since that idea has been posted there have been 2-3 major facelifts of the Desktop app.

Therefore this idea will be closed and linked to a more current one that focuses also on wasted space in the current Desktop app:


P.S: You can also Zoom out now, to decrease the font size.


I came here to post this exact problem. You're breaking parts of the UX with some of the updates, this one in particular is really annoying.


The font in the playlists, artist pages and the left panel is too big, it looks ridiculous compared next to any other application. Combining this with the lack of smooth scrolling, it makes searching through lists of tracks very irritating.


Just adding my agreement to this. I wish there were multiple font size options at least! I want to make my font small again. This new huge font size is a pain in the butt. I feel like I can't see anything. I just want to make my font small again! It should be an option.


The problem isn't so much the font size as the enormous amount of padding/whitespace around each of the elements.


The new interface is way less usable than the old one because I now have to scroll a lot more to do the things I want.


I think I may downgrade to an older version until they allow us to adjust the line spacing.

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I think this should be added to the settings as parameter.

It's pretty nice to have additional "tab" to configure GUI, and there should be other parameters like fonts, themes etc.


I'm in agreement with the majority of posts in this thread.


What really bugs me is the fact that there is not one comment from the compnay itself - not even the usual "we're looking into it", which I see often enough, although there is rarely any final resolution of whatever the original comment was.


Spotify has gone from being quite a nifty thing to a nightmare to use.  Every release seems to represent a worsening of the situation and produces a shed load of complaints from the users.  However, nothing ever seems to be done.  That's really not good enough, particularly those who pay for the service.


I am so close to cancelling my premium serce payment.  All I need is to find a decent alternative - if one doesn't exist now, it soon will!

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I'm totally with you. I think it''s hard to review  your long playlists with all this extra spacing between lines, and takes more time to browse them. I actually think that all these spaces between elements on the page creates a page that is less user friendly and intuitive (at least for me). Please give us an option to reduce the spacing. One size does NOT fit all!

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Status changed to: Not Right Now
Hello everyone. Staff here. We don't have any plans to revert to old font sizes at the moment. Though we're always trying new things and listening to feedback so please add yours here. We'll be sure to update this thread if and when we add a setting to adjust font sizes.
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I would like to know exactly how many people have begged Spotify to slash the number of visible songs from ~50 to ~20 or less, and to have gigantic fonts and vast empty spaces,, and where are those posts in the forum?. Because those obviously are the people Spotify is listening to.


Hmm let's see, that would be approximately zero people and zero posts.


Lazy jerks. I hate this app and this company and its comtempt for its users.






i agree. i have stopped using spotify since the font changed- i really couldnt get used to it and since spotify was a few months available in greece i didnt have much to lose. so i just gradually stopped using it. i wonder if the use of spotify has decreased.