Revert the font back to the original size (or provide an option to do so)

After the last update the physical gap between each song on the playlist is bigger. This leads to a lot of scrolling, and when you have a few hundred songs in a playlist, it will be a problem.


Before I could see 51 songs on my screen, but now I only see 38.


This is how it looks on my screen:




It should be optional!


Edit April 2014: It's even worse after the new update. Now only 21 songs show up at the same time.



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey all,


since that idea has been posted there have been 2-3 major facelifts of the Desktop app.

Therefore this idea will be closed and linked to a more current one that focuses also on wasted space in the current Desktop app:


P.S: You can also Zoom out now, to decrease the font size.

Music Fan

They keep making Spotify uglier- first, the glaring white backgrounds on artist pages, now this stupid-huge spacing on the one screen I look at the most.  And the idiots still have the nerve to bombard me with ads for premium accounts and sex products.  Sorry, Spot, but you'll never see a dime of my money at this rate.

Casual Listener

OP & comments so far are all spot on. The white background & larger text/more spacing is horrible.

Why on earth do vendors insist on endlessly messing with GUIs.

Taking a lovely looking app & making it look awful.

Spotify are definitely guilty of this.

It defies all logic too. With the phasing out of 4:3 aspect displays, how can it possibly make sense to increase vertical spacing of lists?

We need our software to use vertical screen real estate MORE efficiently not less, since we now are forced into having far less of it in the first place!


And on a note of personal preference, the white background/dark text is awful. So incongruous with the rest of the application. Dark text on white is for work/business applications, not for music/fun stuff. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the colourscheme & GUI spacing as they were before. It ain't broke so don't fix it, and banish the "marketing" crowd who want endless tweaking & changing of the GUI. Let them justify their existence some other way. Come up with a good design (which you already had) fix bugs & and leave it alone, don't be endlessly revamping it.

I am not one for "skinnable" applications, I prefer an intelligent well thought out native GUI all day long, but if that's what it will take (a "Spotify Classic" option) to revert the look and feel of the old version, then it will certainly get my vote.

Gig Goer

Either revert back the line spacing and the terrible white background, or allow us to configure our client to remove these things. It's not just annoying (and it is), but it looks BAD. It looks all shoddy and incongruous. Please stop mucking us about.


Hate the new updates too, for all reasons previously quoted...


Please change that...


Edited the title of the idea for clarity. We can use this as the main Idea thread to collect feedback/numbers for this suggestion.

Casual Listener

Please make a "classic" spotify option !


I find the new font a lot less readable for some reason. Makes it harder for me to find the songs I am looking for!

Music Fan

Thanks Richard, it looks better than my original title. I really hope they pay attention to this matter.


I almost threw up when I saw the new font size in updated Spotify. You keep on making the facade of Spotify worse and worse. Atleast give me an option to choose my font size. Now the screen is filled with cat sized letters with huge gaps and there is no empty space left anymore and it makes the screen look crowded and that intimitades me.


The previous update on Spotify design was a step backwards too. The white background makes Spotify look like some unfinished program. Like a internet page that didn't download completely. Why would anyone want their program to look like that ?! 


Ps. There is at least one band tag that should be corrected. Baptists - Bushcraft is now scrobbled to by Bushcraft - Bushcraft which is incorrect

Gig Goer

Yes it's ugly and less functional. At least provide an option, the new text is huge.