Revert the font back to the original size (or provide an option to do so)

After the last update the physical gap between each song on the playlist is bigger. This leads to a lot of scrolling, and when you have a few hundred songs in a playlist, it will be a problem.


Before I could see 51 songs on my screen, but now I only see 38.


This is how it looks on my screen:




It should be optional!


Edit April 2014: It's even worse after the new update. Now only 21 songs show up at the same time.



Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey all,


since that idea has been posted there have been 2-3 major facelifts of the Desktop app.

Therefore this idea will be closed and linked to a more current one that focuses also on wasted space in the current Desktop app:


P.S: You can also Zoom out now, to decrease the font size.

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I joined the forum yesterday just to comment on font size (which i did in a different thread). As this is a new thread on the topic, I wanted to make sure that my vote was counted for either returning to the previous font/line spacing or to allow it to be user customisable via the Edit | Preferences route. 




This new look in the songs tab should be an option that people with eye problems could turn on, and NOT something they suddently updates it too whitout any notice, at least there should be an option to turn the old on again.


It is ugly, inefficient and really annoying to look at.


And btw i also only joined to speak up about this, i really hate the new look, i am actually considering to leave premium and go back to iTunes Youtube etc.


If this change was made to support other languages/characters, it was a lazy way to solve the problem.  This maybe solves a problem 5% of users (a guess, and yes I know that people who speak these languages aren't the only ones listening to these tracks) were having while annoying the other 95%.  They should make the font size and row height dynamic or maybe a playlist-specific setting.


Genuinely feels like the app is losing quality and functionaliy in the recent string of updates.  This is a really ugly change, and should be configurable or optional.


I feel like I'm using Itunes again. I'm done paying for spotify until this changes back. I hate looking at spotify now. What am I, 80 years old? At least give us the option whether we want the spacing or not..


I agree, all the last UI updates have only done things worse!

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Agreed! I just updated, and I can't stand it!


I also agree with a previous poster that the updates just seem to get worse. Come on Spotify! I'm paying for this!!!

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duplicating this from a forum thread at :


Though I understand why this was done, with the market expansion and such, it's incredibly irritating when using Spotify on a screen with multiple other windows simultaneously. The result of such use is that the window is approximately 600x600, meaning where I could previously see 30 tracks, I see approximately 10-15 with 0.9.0. I don't have an exact count as after hunting through the stylesheet and realizing the row height is hard-coded, I promptly reverted to This sort of attribute should at bare minimum be modifiable in a config file, if not directly in the options. Further, an ideal solution would be to have the default be automatic based on whether the characters that need this added spacing are present in the active view.


Agreed. The font size/ line spacing increase is completely unnecessary. We all have high res monitors these days making this giant text utterly ridiculous. Before, my playlists looked neat, now they are sprawled everywhere. Fair enough if you need larger font/spacing for large characters or if you struggle to read small text, but this should definitely not be something that is forced upon everyone. Give us an opt out!


This tied in with the recent change to the white background for artists is just one in a long line of ugly and pointless updates to spotify. It worked and it looked fine - they didn't need to change it!