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Revert to native app, or at least provide an option for one

I've been on Spotify for under two months now, and was truly impressed with its native player.


Not only was its black/grey skin easy on the eyes(and easy on my tired mind late at night, at a time when I and many others don't want the white "light bulb one foot in front of the eyes" display now used on the current build,) but the artist pages were fast to load, mostly due to their not being web-based at the time.  Even including apps NOT meant for streaming, Spotify's app was the best music player I've ever dealt with.  Better than iTunes, and, yes, easier for me to use than WinAmp as well.  It didn't hurt that the selection on here impresses even the pickiest, most indie-obsessed music lovers like me, and still lets us seek out the 60s/70s stuff we sometimes would like to hear as well, all in one streaming service.


It's inconceivable to me that anyone at Spotify, dev or not, would think making the pages web-based would be a step forward.  What used to run STREAMING music faster than iTunes runs music on my local hard drive is now like trying to use Pandora or's website to play a full album, and that's on a *good* day.  I'm using FiOS on a computer that's not even two years old yet and it takes usually more than five seconds to load an artist page or album when the old app STILL takes less than even one second--not to mention that it's a bigger drain on system resources now, and I like using Spotify while doing other things, such as reading or working.  I know the white background has been addressed in a separate "idea" page, but I want to be absolutely sure that many people's hatred of the new web-based artist pages is taken into account in a stand-alone thread.


Now, if Spotify wants to have the *option* for a web-based app for users that want it for some reason(none of which I have currently learned of,) I'd be fine with that.  I just want a way to use the old native app(or a slightly updated, but basically identical version of it) without having to go to some other site, download it, and add .txt files to a folder just so it won't auto-update to the apparently much-hated 0.8.8 client.


For now, I am using the old native app exclusively, as many users on these forums have already begun to do.  I will be using it until an option to use it without the hassle of reinstalling it every time I have to close Spotify is presented to us by the company.


I'm really impressed by Spotify on the whole, including the fact that they fixed the "tracks keep playing even after an album is over" issue a few days ago.  Using the native app is a joy(in fact, the new UI is  so bad that I can't even bring myself to use the new client at all because it's that depressing to see what's happened in the new "update") and I find it to be a real shame that Spotify has yet to allow us to keep using a superior app that ran faster and with fewer crashes when that is so clearly what a large percentage of us would like.  Surely it can't be too hard to allow a native app in addition to the one being developed.


I'll continue using the beloved native app for now, and will keep my account for as long as such an option remains for Spotify users, but PLEASE give us this as a more "official" option.  So many of us love it and don't want to be deprived of this choice!


For those of you who like this idea:  PLEASE spread the word to your friends and family, and link to this idea on forums if you see someone expressing hatred of the web-based pages and/or love for the native app!


Hello everyone.


There are several topics here that I'd like to share some information about so let me try to take them one at a time. Firstly, "web views" (i.e. artist pages, profile pages, etc.) shouldn't be a reason for slowness in the application by themselves. However, sometimes the artist pages (for example) might be a bit slow to load. The "web views" use something called Chromium Embedded Framework which is a way to have web browser views within Spotify. In the upcoming release of Spotify, these views are receiving an architectural improvement which should enable a noticeable improvement in some of these views.


Also, you may have noticed that some of these "web views" happen to have the white background many of you have discussed. We're currently testing some new versions of Spotify but when we have an update regarding improvements in color, well be sure to update you in the thread regarding white backgrounds in Spotify.


We hope this helps understand a little bit more about web views and their upcoming speed improvements. We have several nifty upcoming improvements which should make these faster than ever so for now we're going to mark this idea as "Case closed".

Status: Case Closed

I agree. I think they need to make the native app/client more accessible. The new client isn't nearly as good and I find myself using the services less lately because of it. 

Garage Band

I agree. A native app is the reason that Spotify is better than services like Grooveshark and Deezer.

Music Fan

Totally agree. The old native app is lightening quick compared to the new one. The new one is as slow as the Wimp music service that uses Adobe Air ( and that's really slow )


Best idea:) 

Concert Regular

can i go back to the last version of Spotify this new one is garbage

Concert VIP

I think the new app is prettier, but some old features were removed that I am REALLY missing...


1. Playlist Lengths (in time)

2. Being able to hit CTRL+F to filter artist and album pages.


I hope these things come back even if they don't bring back the style of the old client. 


Where's the ability to just star an album? Do I seriously have to star each song individually now?

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Status changed to: New Idea

To make it clear: This idea is reflecting the request to also have a 2nd Spotify desktop app that runs solely/mostly with a native UI (not web-based/no html) which is faster for most people.

If you just want to revert to the old 0.8.5 version, vote on another idea here:

Signed Artist

(I felt that my idea was different enough to warrant its own thread but clearly the mods disagree so I'll paste it in here)


How about having an option within the one app (in preferences or something) to allow the user to choose between whether they prefer to view artist and album pages etc in their new HTML web-based forms or in a native form like they were previously.


I can see that long-term there may be advantages to the HTML versions (cross-platform compatibilty etc) and I can imagine that this may open the possibilty for individual design elements on artist profiles. Perhaps band logos being used, more creative page layouts etc. So long as it doesn't end up like the mess that the old myspace became it might work. But, the thing is theres a lot of subscribers that simply will not care for this, either because its too slow or they just aren't interested in such gimmicks. The obvious compromise would be an in-app option to choose between HTML-based pages and traditional native pages, that way everyone's happy(ish).


Surely this is manageable...?

Bedroom Songwriter

for me it is about:


  1. leave a native app
  2. develop a web-based site on the internet, such as grooveshark, for the interested.

let's all vote this hell yeah