With the use of mobile phones as music players, it seems reasonable that new songs could be downloaded to a phone as a ringtone.  Similar to the offline mode, a ringtone could be downloaded to a phones memory. This would allow Spotify to "socialize" music whenever their phone rings as well as posting the activity to Facebook.  This could allow Spotify to ask more for a subscription (because of the new value provided through this service) and also create a new segment of file types for music in the library.  Image a new "Top List" segment for ringtones in addition to top albums, top songs, etc.  Additionally, it would allow Spotify to create leverage with music labels by exaggerating the amount that could be paid in royalties.     


From an implementation standpoint, not every song in Spotify's library should be converted to a ringtone.  Spotify could convert the most-downloaded ringtones as published by other service providers and compete with them or Spotify could create a partnership with a ringtone service provider for the files.


I want to change my ringtone to a new indie song every week... 

Updated: 2015-12-06

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Great Idea.

I thought this exact think today when i was using Spotify Mobile.

I'm not sure how possible this is, but Spotify could add a segment that alows users to pick whatever song they like as their ringtone and then "tweak" it to their preference.  By "tweak" i mean pick the section of the song they would like to hear as their ringtone.  This would allow Spotify users to pick any song they like as their ringtone and that Spotify would not need to continuously update a section of ringtones associated with Toplists.  I started this by saying I'm not sure how possible this is because it would require Spotify to gain access to the phones system settings.  If this is a possibility, Spotify really should implement this idea because I always want whatever new song I love on Spotify to be my new ringtone.


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Must be done.

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Why is this not a thing yet?!
I would love this function to aparat in premium too!
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Im thinking about this too. Lets hope theyll consider :D


I think they have already ringtones (like that one Zen Garden – Zen Ringtones & Sounds (Gentle, Soothing, Stress Reducing Tones) ) but no clue how to push them to be real ringtones on a phone.

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Must be done. It would be a great feature!


I've just been looking for it! Mogway's Hungry Face would make a great ringtone; I don't want to download a torrent now that I'm already paying Spotify for it :)

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Just wanted to let you know that I am currently developing an Android app with my team that closes the gap.


We are in early development, expect a release towards end of the year.



Unfortunally this probably won't work for iOS, nothing planned there.



EDIT: Android Beta available now! Join our Google+ community and klick on the pinned google play link to join!

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And add it to alarms too, shouldn't be too difficult