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[Roku] Connect on Roku App

Roku is the leading streaming hardware device in the market and I am grateful that you have implemented an app for it. But there is one key feature missing that would really make everything to work seamlessly and that is Spotify Connect. That would be so great, please!


Thanks and keep up the good work!


Updated on 2018-06-16

Hello and thanks for the feedback!

Spotify has discontinued the Support for the Roku App.

A similar idea to support it again has also been suggested here:

Add your votes and comments there please! 😉

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I agree. The Spotify app takes a very long time to load playlists and is difficult to use overall, especially in comparison to the ease of use on the iphone app. If Spotify connect were to work on this app, that would be a great addition!


Thant's it? I can't believe these are all the comments about adding the Connect feature present on iOS devices to Roku. This is a key feature of spotify and I honestly don't understand how it is not available on the platform yet. I am a premium subscriber and I am sorry to say I am very disappointed on finding this feature is not available on Roku at the moment. Please have someone work on it ASAP thanks!!!


Yes please add Connect capability to the Roku app! It would make it simpler to play music from my Ipad to my stereo as the Roku is permanently connected to it, rather than having to temporarily plug another device into the stereo (phone for instance). And please make it start the Roku app automatically when I press connect on my control device (like what the YouTube app does).Thanks!


Any update on this? Would be a nice feature.


Just wanted to voice my support for this idea. May we ask why this has not been implemented?


The roku app for spotify is awful. I purchased premium to use it. All of the problems could be solved by a connect feature.


I apologize for hurting some newbie programmer or intern's feelings. But, whoever was in charge of the Roku side of things really messed it up and it has continued to be neglected.


This can all be solved by implementing the "Spotify Connect" features. You can stop trying to compete with the processing power of the modern smartphone by using the Roku's built in systems. Simply allow the user to send songs to the Roku similar to the Spotify Connect app from their phone. The phone will do the muscle work of searching, selecting, organizing lists, queing songs. Just have them send a cue to the roku app what song to play.


To me the Roku app in it's current state is nearly unusable. The Roku the menus are slow, the search is slow, songs hang when you try to pull up another song through a search. It is a terrible experience. It was passable when Roku was first released and I had an attitude of "I don't know why I was required to get premium for this crappy app, but I guess this will do for now" , but nothing has changed in the last two years. The whole design and app just stinks. Toss it. Replace it with connect.


This has been neglected long enough.

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I have a Roku 3 and a Sonos Play:5, both of which use native Spotify apps. Sadly, both native apps are simply awful in comparison to the nice UI and high functionality of the Andriod/Apple apps or desktop program.  I've heard that Sonos is not planning to incorporate Spotify Connect, so PLEASE add the functionality to Roku. Spotify is awesome, but I think this is a necessary next step to remaining the top streaming service.




I completely agree that the spotify android app needs an update. Spotify connect and having it work similar to the amazon fire tv app would be a huge improvement.


I'm honestly tempted to cancel my premium account and subscribe to Rdio which has a much better ROKU experience.


I agree with 100% of ajolsen's post because Spotify is a mobile app first and foremost and it's geared towards a mobile interface. However, leave the normal Spotify channel untouched for the Roku for those that need it, but I would suggest adding a second "Spotify Connect" channel for the real Spotify user. I don't like the Roku Channel, because it forces you to use the remote which is very slow. That's OK when you want to watch a movie but when I'm listening to music, I change from track, to album, to artist every 4-5 minutes. Typing all that text in takes away from the experience. Google Play Music with the Chromecast allows rapid transitions, and so does Spotify with Spoticast on the Chromecast. If Spotify is listening to this you could capture a new type of Roku user. I understand that the problems of streaming device users could be corrected if they spent a fortune on Blutooth for every room in their home, but WiFi is cheaper and more versatile.