[Roku] Screensaver or Visualizer Options for Roku

Great to have Spotify back on Roku.  The app needs a screensaver mode in order to avoid burn in on some TV's, and also to make things more interesting.  Anything moving would be fine, but album art and liner notes would be prefered.  Pandora scrolls the album art, so I know this idea is doable.

A similar idea has been posted here.


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 This is a must have feature. I want to use the Spotify app all the time on my Roku enabled TV, but I don't want it to have Spotify permanently on my TV, because of burn in. What would be preferable for me is an option to allow for the screen to turn off, in order to save power, and protect the screen. I think that may mean allowing for Roku to take over and display its screen saver, which I currently have set to power saver, aka a black screen. Other options would be nice, but as basic as it can be, the easier to implement, and the most power efficient would be the best for starters.


Thanks so much. This is super duper needed.

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Playing the song videos on the screen saver would be super cool.  I miss when MTV played videos!!

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This *1000.

I have a plasma that's hooked up to my big stereo and I would love to not have the album cover burned into my screen.


HDCP is the reason for this. They are still acting like you’re “taping/burning” digital music off their service. Massive amounts of energy are being wasted because you can’t turn off your TV while listening to streaming music through your home system—whether through TV or AV receiver.  I tried an audio extractor and it was a no go.   Would be so nice to listen to streaming music that you legally pay for, without having to have your TV on, burning energy, and blazing light and fire. No setting on my tv for “black while on”...


Totally agree. Listening to music on Spotify via Roku TCL TV. 

Can't go to black or the built in Screensaver ... Makes having Spotify on Roku non usable.

As slow as Spotify is to respond to user requests, I'm sure it will be ten years before we see a change. They really did not think this through..interface is a lot nicer though. Good job on that, but now make it usable please. 😌

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Same here.  Don’t want burn in on my really nice plasma.  I’ve yet to see an led/lcd that comes close to matching the picture quality of my plasma, so to me it’s irreplaceable.  My solution in the short term has been a Chromecast Audio connected to my AVR, but I’d prefer a screensaver designed to prevent static/stationary images.

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i tend to use my xbox to play spotify for this reason. as much as i prefer just using my roku tv, i tend to put on music and sleep/read, and i want to be able to either blank the screen, have a screensaver, visualizer, or even let it just play music in the background while i watch silent movies. 



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This is a great idea, I voted for it. TV health is essential. I just re purchased spotify, and added it to my Roku Tv. I am not exacly excited with how outdated the app itself feels, and I definitely don't like that there aren't transitions to keep the TV screen healthy, and now burning images into my screen. 


It's a money maker.  No other platform has it that I know of.  The algorithm is pretty simple.