[Roku] Support "Your Music" in Roku

The Roku app has lagged behind other Spotify apps for quite some time. This hasn't made much of a difference until "Your Music" was rolled out. I spent quite a bit of time remving my album playlists and saving them in my music instead. Now I can't access those in the Roku app.

It would be great to have a my music tab in the Roku app instead of the Playlist tab.


Also the search interface could use a lot of work, but I'll save that for another idea.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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I agree with this, +Kudo'ed.

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This would allow me to start using the 'My Music' feature - at the moment it's useless as Spotify on Roku is at the centre of our household's listening! I've added my thumb up.


The spotify app needs a refresh. Kudoed.


Yes please the Roku Spotify app really does need an update to catchup with Spotify. My Music plus the ability to do radio playlist, Top Lists, Discover, Browse. Enabling the Roku to become a Spotify connect device would also be really cool so we can then use our mobile Spotify app to control Spotify on the Roku connected to the home theatre and speakers.


I agree that the Roku app needs "Your Music" and radio.  Or how about the "Discover" feature?


I just bought a Roku 3 and was excited to start using it to stream Spotify.  But....I guess I may just continue to stream from my computer.  It's nothing I'm going to cancel my account over, but it's annoying.  A lot of people use Roku, and you'd think there'd be some incentive for Spotify to roll out an update to the app.


Part of the reason I got a Roku was to be able to use Spotify in my living room without having to connect my laptop to my TV, and I was very disappointed to find that the interface was outdated and that the features were seriously lacking compared to the Spotify apps on other platforms. I'm a premium subscriber and I love using Spotify, and I'd really appreciate an update to bring some parity with the other Spotify apps, including Your Music, Spotify Connect, and Radio functionality.


Yes please!  I just bought a Roku primarily to play Spotify on my TV and be able to use a remote control.  Please bring the Roku channel up to date with current apps.

Thank you!


Yes.  Please add this!  The roku channel is not very useful as is.  My wife uses pandora instead because of this.


Need this asap. The your music selection is missing.  Ugh.

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