[Roku] Update the Roku App

I just got a Roku for Christmas, and I'm loving everything about it, except the Spotify app. As soon as I seen the older Spotify logo, I knew it wasn't up to date, but wow...it's really lacking.


1. Add Radio - If you want your users to discover new songs, this is pretty much the only way to do it from within Spotify, yet you can't. As a result, users are forced to go to a competitor to find new songs, leaving Spotify in the dust. This should have been in from the beginning.


2. Add "Your Music" - People have albums that they might like to listen to instead of in a playlist...and making a playlist for every album is just a hassle. This is about as important to ensure it gets added as Radio.


I know I speak for other Roku users out there when I say that those two features alone will help drive users away from being basically forced to use a competitor when on their Roku, which might even drive them to ditch Spotify all together.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Spotify app on Roku new an update in order for you to stay in the game.  Add radio a some degree of file manipulation and/or multi-playlist selection for play.  Is this going to happen anytime soon?  The silence is deafening.


You'd think with all the threads, questions, and reviews about Spotify on Roku, you all would be paying more attention that just "kudos" on a single thread. The app is out of date, hugely limited and lacking some of the features that make me choose Spotify over Pandora - but since I listen to it most of the time via my Roku on my main stereo, it's not as awesome as I first thought. Radio is a big one... exploring playlists easier would be another one. 

Concur thx. Maybe some feedback on this outdated app to give me somethng
so I'll spot searching for some info on the future plan for this Roku which
is a big part of Spotify biz. Sound quality is high. If their judgement
matches their call to kill apps on desktop client I'm not so optimistic.


Just signed up for Spotify Premium but I'm a heavy Roku user and quickly found out how limited the app is and has been for a long time, judging by the many other old requests for an updated Roku app.  I am now thinking it may be worth cancelling and signing up for Slacker radio which seems to work much better on the Roku.


The Spotify Roku app is unusable on my Roku 3 (or any Roku for that matter). It pulls the first 24 songs from any playlist I create and doesn't let me play anything else. No Spotify radio either. Honestly, Spotify would be better off removing the app from Roku since it clearly represents complete apathy on Spotify's part when there is a problem with using their service.


Roku compatability was one of the reasons why my wife and I decided to go with Spotify. We were both severely disappointed when we learned that the Spotify app on Roku is not functional.


Looks like I'll be yet another user that leaves Spotify after the three month .99 promo. I have read thread after thread asking for an update to the app adding even some of the basic funstionality that is on the other platforms. Hey, I'd even be happy if there was an API for the roku so I could try and create something that works. I know programming for the roku isn't the easiest or most robust but there are many others that are doing a much better job. 

I have 4 rokus and am adding more as I create my own zoned audio system. If the app is still sitting here in three months, I'll just go back to Plex and my own music or try RDIO


BTW, I don't see this as a repost of any idea to add anything, just to make the app as good as the rest of your service on a platform that is growing all the time.




I believe adding radio to Roku would be a great addition. I would like to have the radio feature for when I'm exercising or reading rather than having to make a playlist or just adding whole albums as playlists. I have to admit that I don't understand why it's available on my moblie and desktop but not on my Roku. Please consider adding it. By the way, it's over 25 kudos.




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I just noticed you can use the full app on a PC to drag a "radio" into your playlists and it shows up on your playlists on the roku.


Does anyone know if you could make a private roku channel that would be kind of a front- (or back- ?) end to the spotify channel that would add the missing features ? roku SDK


Just wanted to add my frustration to this. Not only is the Roku app lacking core features, the performance makes it all but unusable. We listen to Slacker on Roku instead because that app actually works, and works well. They are eating Spotify's lunch in this department. I would much rather have a working Spotify app. The same is true for the Logitech Squeezebox app... Hopelessly unusable. Pandora is eating Spotify's lunch on that platform. Really wish Spotify would put a little effort into these platforms rather than act as if its a box that was checked back in 2012 and they don't need to think of it ever again.

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