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[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

Thank you for your feedback here in the Idea Exchange.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.

Music Fan

Why do I get the feeling that the feature removal has something to do with a back room deal with a sporting affiliate who offers running apps...

Casual Listener

Wait, they removed it? I thought I just couldn't find it anymore. Why would they remove it?


That's EXACTLY what we all want to know. WHY?! 


I'm gutted this is gone. I don't know why the feature is gone. They replaced it with playlists with ranges of 15bpm. I NEED the 5bpm intervals and the control to switch to it easily. 


So sad this is gone. Will cancel Spotify without this feature. 


YES , PLEASE!   WHAT THE **bleep**?!

The running feature (setting BPMs, tempo playlists) is my favourite feature (apart from having "any" song available whenever I want, true..) but still..

It can be inside the 'Workout' category, thats cool.. but I wannt to be able to set my own BPM.
Any moderately serious runner will tell you they plan a run baased on a specific BPM and 170-190 is too broad.



By far my main use of spotify in terms of time spent listening. This is absolutely tragic.


 Yes! I can here for the first time just to post this! I can't agree more. (Android here)

Do you know of any other streaming services that might provide this?

Casual Listener

I will stop using Spotify Premium all together without this feature!!!  


Same, I'm livid. If another streaming site/app releases this functionality I will immediately switch.