[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

Thank you for your feedback here in the Idea Exchange.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.


This really was a stupid thing you did? Why is the big question? Are you running out of room? There are a lot more playlists and songs you can get rid of then this!!! I have gone through all the other running options and they all suck!! I enjoyed my Running Companion because it was NO WORDS in the music, I could focus and get motivated!! All your new stuff is songs, with words, all the ones I checked out has "explicit" within the lists, or are not my type of music!! The ones you got rid of were easy, simple and perfect!! WHY??? Would you get rid of them?? Who's brainiac idea was that?? I'm just annoyed about running now!! This was my zen, my way to shut the brain down and get down to running.....and Spotify, you messed that all up!! Bring it back!! like many votes do you need it to be worth your while?? What does it really take to bring it back? You have over 1000 ppl who want it back.....since February! Its now the end of May....what else do you want???


And why is this giving me a different Profile name??? This isn't my profile and I am not a newbie!! I've been with Spotify since 2014!! Use it daily.....BRING IT BACK!!!!!!


So Spotify, you have over 800 votes here and over 1400 votes on the other thread....and who knows how many other threads there are?? Please answer what it takes to get this back? Over 2000 subscribers and yet you are doing nothing???? Come on Spotify!!

Dear Spotify - the variable beat mix was the most useful running mix I have found, and I for one would be willing to pay extra to have access to it.

Casual Listener

It’s the same as in Touch preview thread. There is almost 3500 votes and 700 comments. Spotify removing useful features which them distinguishes from competitors.


A very big dissapointment.

please bring it back asap


Please bring it back.

It was a best option to run or bike with it.


Not happy at all with the removal of this feature. It was the main main reason I have a premium family subscription. I strongly request it is placed back in the app.


why did you remove it? 
pleaes bring it back!!!

Your users want this features back... so why are you ignoring them??? This feature contributed to achieving the "best experience for our users."

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