[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

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At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.


 I've been paying for spotify for years now and I will now stop paying until this is back.


This was my motivator: my constant. When I didn’t feel like running, my tempo run playlist was always there. So now my constant is gone. Sure, I could go look elsewhere AND HAVE. Trust me (now half of my 3am workout is spent searching, downloading, deleting etc) —trying to find something even close to what was taken away. So — yeah; even more frustrated. If I could at least find a decent replacement, i wouldn’t be so irritated. But the fact that I can’t makes it do much worse.  My guess? It was a contractual issue. An outside party that supplied Spotify with the code to run along with your playlist.   I wonder where they went.   I’m glad I’m not alone with my frustration. I too will be canceling my subscription. 

Casual Listener


You still haven't given us a good reason why you removed this feature (and the answer is not 'to improve the service' you provide!). The worst customer service ever.  I'd be fired if I ignored my clients like you do!  Oh - perhaps the running ap removal person HAS been fired? That explains it!   NOT. 😞


Yeah please bring this back! I used this all the time and running hasn't been the same since you removed the feature. The current running playlists are absolutely -no- alternative.

Casual Listener

For those willing to invest the time, you can use playlist machinery to do some of what you want here. I use the smarter playlists feature to take multiple playlists, filter on either ~180bpm or ~90bpm and then combine those songs into a new playlist. I have this update once a month using playlists that are also frequently updated. 


I like to use playlists that you can find from by typing in an artist, selecting a genre, and then using the playlist links at the top like "pulse", "playlist", "edge" etc. These can be really large and update on a regular basis. 


It's not as good as the personalized playlist spotify previously offered at a specified BPM, but it's filling the void for now. 


Using the same playlist machinery site, you can also just filter on a playlist using bpm and then save that as a new playlist.


I like the first method above more because I can grab songs from multiple playlists. I am fine using 170bpm to 180bpm (and 85bpm to 90bpm), but you could tune this to as small a range as you want. 


I quite liked the idea. The music works to keep you going at the right pace. As someone who runs for quite a distance. It is so nice to have music that just flows with your pace. 


Sad to see this feature gone, hope you'll bring it back soon. It was a really awesome feature, loved the excellent running-song-recommendations, the recommendations way outperformed any of the premade running playlists on there..


So how many vote is needed to bring this feature back?


Was the removal because for certain BPM Spotify has to play songs with higher payout (costs the company more)?


The Running feature was the sole reason for having Premium membership. Once mine expires, I will not be renewing. Very disappointed that this feature has been removed


Your customers did not need the integration with Nike+ Run Club or Runkeeper so, if that is what forced you to remove this killer and unique feature, I hope you are proud to care more about the $$$ than customer satisfaction.

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