[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

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At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.


I started again my running program after a year of break, and been sad to discover that Spotify had removed the BPM function of the App... I recommended Spotify several times to people who regularly run, I'm very disappointed and wish that the function will come back soon! Could we at least have any information about the reason why it has been removed?! 

For French speakers: J'ai repris la course cette semaine après une année de pause, et j'ai été déçue de découvrir que la fonctionnalité BPM a été retirée de l'application Spotify. J'ai recommendé Spotify plusieurs fois à des coureurs réguliers, et suis très déçue. J'espère réellement que la fonctionnalité sera remise en place !! Pourrait-on au moins avoir des informations sur les raisons qui vous ont poussé à retirer cette fonctionnalité ?!


Bring this feature back please. The other running playlists don't do it for me.


Not bothering to vote. You guys don’t listen. Just read an article about how Apple Music is catching up to you guys.... I wonder why? (Sarcasm intended)


Once I figured out that this much-loved feature was removed without real advance notice, and it didn’t look like the powers that be felt it was important, I left. After many years of premium, Apple has my business because they do exactly what you do now. They don’t do running well either.


Workout mixes are not the same, and everyone posting here knows this. And your lame responses without actually acknowledging this fact, feels like gaslighting. You know it, we know it. Just answer the question being asked. Why did the feature go away, and the fact that you know the lame replacement feature is not the same. That’s why people are angry enough to leave and turn their backs on you and your service. 


You have too much competition to treat your paying customers this way. Show respect for them, and they show respect back. Honesty is met with more understanding that gaslighting and fake assurances.


Please bring this back! This was really the ONLY reason why I paid for spotify.


It was my favorite feature!! Why are you not bringing it back? I may switch to apple music.


@meahtenohaany updates?  You told us to come here... 73 pages of comments here...


Not sure why you would remove a feature that's already built and working.  Obviously the code exists, it worked, and people liked it.  What harm is there in adding it in for those that want to use it?


They need to bring this feature back, now. Keeping the right cadence is key to running /cycling training.


Well..this explains alot.... after having to take time off running to let my knee recover.. I have recently started some short runs... and found that I could no longer use the pace feature.... Spotify why?? why?? why??? THIS was the main reason I paid for premium .. so I could run to a set pace while not listening to ads .... this is a deal breaker... I might has well just llisten to the music on my phone if I cannot choose music that is "paced" .. I have tried the grouped ones as I couldn't find what I used to use.. and NO having something close doesn't work for me as each song is different if you have them as a (for esample) "155-165" set .. 


same .. I come back from injury and the MAIN feature I use is no longer avaiable... going to haveto rethink why I pay for premium now


I come back from injury to find the MAIN feature I use is no longer vaiable.. great .. going to have to rethink why I'm bothering to pay for premium 

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