[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

Thank you for your feedback here in the Idea Exchange.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.


Metoo. Still waiting. The running feature where you can change bpm. That was the best running music feature ever and it was very easy to syncronize the bpm to the selected pace.

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Come on Spotify!!!! 81 pages of cries for the bpm-run feature...

What is going on? No answers whatsoever... One year later, give us back the bpm runs!!!

Give us something!

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forget about it, it's not coming back and we're not getting a response from Spotify.

I terminated my premium account and now use RockMyRun app, not the same but quite good (other have found other alternatives), the static playlists are not the same.

Simply take your money elsewhere if Dazer, Apple Music or Google Music implement this feature I'll joit that service in a flash!!


I have found a satisfactory solution for now. 

1. Take the palylists that you like and copy them all to a new playlist. Make it as big as possible.

2. Open in your browser and login with your Spotify account details

3. Select the newly created playlist

4.Select your min and max bpm and indicate if half can be used as well

5. Create a new playlist for our running


Afterwards, you can do the same and add the songs in a new playlist to the one you already have.

that's brilliant! 
then in your Point 5 you make this playlist back in Spotify?
this could be a workaround - but hey Spotify - this doesn't mean I don't want the Running option back!!!!

Why would the bpm running device even have been deleted? It was one of Spotify’s most useful features, very disappointing!! 

Recent changes on Spotify have been very dissatisfying, hope the feature will be made available again soon... 


I'm still missing this feature which I was using every time I did a running workout like 3 or 4 times a week. Running with Musik is not the same anymore... 


This has been a devastating feature to lose. Please bring it back!! I am a die hard Spotify member and I just can’t understand why it disappeared. It really helped me start enjoying running for the first time. 

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This is something I really miss, but @bsg68's suggestion is a great workaround for now.


Been over a year and I still miss this feature. It helped me finish my first 10k. Please bring it back.