[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

Thank you for your feedback here in the Idea Exchange.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.

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It always helped me running further as well, @ankush_s.


Have you tried this workaround?


1. Take the palylists that you like and copy them all to a new playlist. Make it as big as possible.

2. Open http://sortyourmusic.playlistmachinery.com in your browser and login with your Spotify account details

3. Select the newly created playlist

4.Select your min and max bpm and indicate if half can be used as well

5. Create a new playlist for our running


Afterwards, you can do the same and add the songs in a new playlist to the one you already have.


@Bittencourt I just came across that while scrolling up. I'll give it a shot, thanks!


But really, nothing can beat the ease and convenience of Spotify Running. And there's still no good alternative on any other streaming platform, which is just mind-boggling to me (I'm a tech product manager who's worked on a bunch of Android and iOS apps).


I really wish Spotify would provide an update or at least a good reason for why they took this off when this was such a killer distinguishing feature for them.

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I totally agree, but my guess is that only a very limited percentage of the users really used this feature.


I agree, that was probably it. But Spotify has since expanded to a lot more geographical regions since it shut down this feature, and behaviour might differ there.


And this is a hypothesis which can be validated fairly easily, but they never really promoted the feature much, which could be the reason why a lot of people didn't use it. Reminding existing users or informing new users of this feature could go a fair way in increasing use.


Lastly, this feature may be quantitatively insignificant, but it had a high impact on those who did use it. And it doesn't really take much to hide this feature a level or two deep so that only those really want it will use it while the rest can happily go about their workflows without a hitch.

I totally agree. The lack of response really annoys me AND it always baffled me why they didn’t publicise this amazing feature. I have lots of runner friends who didn’t have a clue about it until I told them and everyone who discovered it absolutely love it. Sooooo annoying!!!!!! What I also don’t understand is why they had to remove it. Did it cost them money to keep it going??
  • Gutted that this feature is no longer available. I’ve just gone back to running after a long break after illness and wondered where this feature had gone.  

This is what kept me running :(((

please bring that feature back!


Please bring back Running.  Do you read the community mailer, [Running]: Bring back running?  Hundreds of people are disappointed that you took "Running" away, which probably translates to thousands of premium users that are disappointed.  The feature that I miss the most is the ability to increase or decrease the Beats Per Minute (BPM) while running.  None of your suggestions address that feature.  Why can't you simply bring it back?



I think they don't tell us why due to that it is an economical issue. Maybe some songs get favored by the app.

Last time I suggested this my comment got deleted!


Bring it back please............ 🙏🙏🙏🙏