[Running] Bring back Running

Or at least give us a good reason for retiring it! It's my number one go to.

Thank you for your feedback here in the Idea Exchange.
At this time we do not have any plans to implement this. If anything changes, we'll come back here and post an update.


Disappointed to come back from knee injury to find the "pace" feature is gone.. only reason I upgraded to premium was the pace feature meant I used spotify on my phone daily for my runs... now.. might as well just use the music already on my phone and save my mobile data ..why bother paying the premium for an app I doubt I'll use much... 


I wonder whether decison-makers about this feature have ever been running to a 150-165 playlist.

Downgrading is already a minus but making it look like providing an alternative with these lists is sad.

At least a proper attempt to provide something workable would be appreciated. Something like having several 155, 160, 165 etc lists with different genres would already make a difference if the feature is not coming back. 





The only reason I signed up with Premium. Bring it back, please.


@soimgonnalose wrote:

For those willing to invest the time, you can use playlist machinery to do some of what you want here. I use the smarter playlists feature to take multiple playlists, filter on either ~180bpm or ~90bpm and then combine those songs into a new playlist. I have this update once a month using playlists that are also frequently updated. 


I like to use playlists that you can find from http://everynoise.com/engenremap.html by typing in an artist, selecting a genre, and then using the playlist links at the top like "pulse", "playlist", "edge" etc. These can be really large and update on a regular basis. 


It's not as good as the personalized playlist spotify previously offered at a specified BPM, but it's filling the void for now. 


Using the same playlist machinery site, you can also just filter on a playlist using bpm and then save that as a new playlist.


I like the first method above more because I can grab songs from multiple playlists. I am fine using 170bpm to 180bpm (and 85bpm to 90bpm), but you could tune this to as small a range as you want. 

 This is incredibly handy. Just used the "smarter playlist" to create several (160 bpm, 165 bpm, 170 bpm, and 175 bpm) playlists using my followed artists. Almost as good as the old running playlist. Thanks @soimgonnalose!


I loved the old feature as when I started running my pace was pretty low... (150) and this let me keep that pace nice and easily .. then after a few months as my fitness grew and I was running alot more of the 5km than walking .. I started pressing "up" every couple of weeks to raise my pace by 5... by time I was running 10km's my pace was more like 170... but a change in shoe type (I didn't know about "pronation types") then caused a knee issue and I've been not running for a long time... I tried the "new" pace range play lists .. but would prefer to just have a single pace set of songs..
I've given up on music while running and just started to listening to podcasts/TED talks while I run... 


hey all, for those who enjoyed the spotify "originals" (blissed out, seasons, embrace, etc.), you can still access them in this long playlist of all originals at all BPMs:


playlist name:  running originals - blissed out, seasons, burn, epic, lock the flow, chase, embrace, escape, go


URI for searching in spotify:  spotify:user:moomba40:playlist:5MkwI1WDWXtrvjYfsN69FP


hope this helps some of you!




So, it clear to me now what happened.  They pulled the running feature just before the went public.  To me this means, Spotify doesn't own it and they couldn't come to terms on an agreement to keep it.  Ao, they had to drop it before they went public.   A real shame.   Podrunner.com has great mixes at every pace.  He did have a pase shifting app at one time, but he doesn't have the funding to keep it up to date.   I bet we could fund that if we all stepped forward.  Chek it out!


The running playlist was super helpful! I have 2 5k runs coming up and that running playlist gets my blood pumping!


I’m missing this option for months - but today I was again so anoyed, that I decided to post my comment here. Please bring it back!


It's just annoying. There isn't any reasonable explanation to do that. I'm cancelling my premium account. 

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