Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 support

I own one and have several friends that would subscribe because they like spotify, but not with the Samsung Galaxy player because the app is terribly glitchy, it cant go online, if you do, your offline synced songs start magically disappearing.


It's basically a samsung galaxy phone, just without the phone.

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I have asked... and ASKED and asked about this and have NEVER received a response from Spotify on this issue.  I have emailed, posted in the old forums, posted here, asked on Twitter.  They have ignored everything.  


I would LOVE to get Spotify premium on a Samsung Galaxy Player (4 or 5 either would be OK), but they refuse to support the device, forcing mp3 users to get an ipod touch to use Spotify on a mobile device that isn't a phone.


All I want is Spotify on a device that doesn't force me to use itunes.  Spotify:  would you please consider this AND respond?


I am in agreement.  My wife and I own a Galaxy player 4 and 5 respectively and we would love to get the premium service in order to use it on them.  Unfortunately, the app doesn't seem to work at all with our devices.  Until they are supported, we won't be subscribing for the premium service.  I would happily shell out the dough when that day comes though.


Still waiting.  Works fine on the Galaxy Nexus running ICS so how about fixing the Galaxy Player?


Do Spotify people even read this forum?  I'll just keep posting until they say something.

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