Samsung Soundbars fully support Alexa with Spotify



I am an otherwise happy owner of an Samsung HW-Q900A soundbar (with Dolby Atmos). There are many owners that are not happy about the missing functionality of playing Spotify with the in the soundbar built-in Alexa. Alexa just says that Spotify is not supported on this device when you ask Alexa to play something on spotify.


Amazon Music with Alexa works with a Amazon Music unlimited subscription or Amazon prime.


There are really many users that are frustrated about this. Many more are not reporting it as they can see others have failed getting it working. See here for some examples:


I would really appreciate if Spotify could get this working.

Kind regards Christian

Updated on 2022-06-24


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Please make this work 


+1 Samsung HWQ950T support would be highly appreciated


how many voters do we need to make this topic important enough?
I am a lucky owner of Samsung Soundbar HW Q-900A it works great with Amazon Music and I think it should work with Spotify Connect. I would much appreciate your help!


please support it


+1 for this feature (HW-Q800A)

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Hi, I have Samsung soundbar s61A. I do everything. I connect all app with Spotify (Samsung Smart, Spotify, Alexa)...

It is all checked in app to work, but when ask Alexa with voice, it tell me "Spotify is not supporten on this device"


Darko, Croatia


I buy Samsung soundbar s61A just because ALEXA-Spotify feature and now it's not working. I spent whole christmass for making it work. And it still not working.

In Spotify help center I found that my soundbar is listed as suported (just SONOS), but in devices instruction it say it work with Spotify.

DOes anybody have this s61A soundbar with Alexa/Spotify working??


Can somebody help me please,  because otherwise I think I will return soundbar to store.


It can't be true that this is not working for my HW-Q950A. Please make this available.