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Can Spotify start working on Bixby support with voice commands. Samsung offers a support platform called Bixby labs can we get on board quickly. Everyone is staring to use Bixby and because Spotify does not support this new feature you are redirected to download Goolge Music.

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+1 This is an awesome idea! I would love voice controls for Spotify!


Things like...

Open Spotify and play the "Chill Driving Music" Playlist

Open Spotify and play shuffle my library


This would be great. So much of use use Bixby quick commands to automate our phones. It'd be great to set up a sequence for jogging and other things and include Spotify 

  • Great idea to have bixby with spotify  
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It would be fantastic if Bixby worked with Spotify. There are many Spotify users like myself who have Samsung phones with the Bixby assistant. Having Bixby able to access our playlists on Spotify would be sweet.

Thanks for helping us make this happen.


"Ok Google" is basically the same thing as bixby but ok Google works with spotify and other apps.  Like bixby but has to work with the more popular apps


One of the most popular handset manufacturers can't be that hard to get on board! Great idea


I may be switching my premium to Google music if Spitify does not soon

Music Fan


"Hi Bixby. Open Spotify and Play" (could be combined into single "Quick command").

"Hi Bixby. Next / Next song" - works even sceen is locked.