Samsung TV App enhancements

I was really thrilled to see the newly released TV app for Samsung! I also must say that the design was really nice overall. It didn't feel like a 1.0 version. Nice work!


I would however suggest that you add a screensaver button or even a button to blacken the TV altogether. This is very important for users with plasma TVs as they are vulnerable to burnins.


I also noted that the special keyboard made for Samsung TVs didn't work when I signed in. I do hope that the keyboard works in the Search part of the app? Otherwise, that would be a huge enhancement as well.


BR blueberry77


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I too agree with this, owning a 2012 Smart TV, the Spotify App would be handy if I wasn't concerned about screen burn.


Please add either a screen blank option, moving logo, or even better, a visualiser.


Totally agree - great app - realgreatest sound quality much better than spotify AirPlay from ipad to Apple TV.

Please, please add screen saver option to next upgrade


Yes. This is a feature I would like, but a stage further and for slightly different reasons. 


I would like to see a photo streaming screen saver (or specific photos feature). I have been a diehard appletv  music streaming user and the photo screen saver has been a source of delight for us as our photos are randomly displayed to streamed iTunes. It also gives those thousands of pictures life, rather than just taking up space on a device somewhere. 


This could be from a USB stick/device or streamed from all share 


I am a happy convert from iTunes to spotify, but this one feature is one that I sorely miss.




finally the app arrived on my samsung tv and it works like a charm , it 's great.


but there's one thing which could make the app sooo much better: keyboard support


i really would appreciate the possibility to use the app with the keyboard. using the search with the remote is neither comfortable, nor timesaving..  

Casual Listener

Overall I am very happy with the app on the SmartTV. Some things to take into consideration:

  • Some time ago I had to upgrade my app. Okay, I am cool with that. But why did it fail to rember my password in that process?
  • Forced to log in again, it turned out that the keyboard provided lacked characters. My password contained an asterisk. The keyboard did not.

Basically your update of the SmartTV-app forced me to change my password... thanks 😕


  • would it be possible to add scrobbling support to the TV-app? (cache not needed, since the app only works with an internet-connection to start with ;))
  • Is there anyway to connect your TV-app with my android-app? I find my touchscreen a lot faster than the on-screen keyboard.

Please add some screensaver feature to smart tv app. I see allready signs of screen burning in areas where album art is displayed!!! Smart TV playback is the only feature that is keeping me as premium subscriber at the moment.


I just bought  a Samsung 6300 and was pleasantly surprised when I founf the the Spotify application. However I was quickly disappointed when I realized there was no way to shut off the screen while listening to the music. As far as I am concerned this makes the app totally useless. I want to listen to music, not watch some static image on my television.


Please add a screen saver or some other feature that allows you to shut off the display while listening to music.




Does anybody from Spotify actually look at these comments? Or am I just venting into the interweb abyss? 


screensaver please. usless app otherwise.


Screen saver (and gapless playback) a must have.  Even just turning the screen to black would be enough.

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