Save playback position when switching playlists [iOS]

Something like a smart saving function for each playlist would be a really nice feature. For example: If I listen to playlist A and switch to playlist B the position in playlist A gets lost. If I switch back from B to A, I'll always have to search for my last song again - that's quite annoying (especially for long playlists). Would be much easier if the app stored the position with each playlist and restores them when I switch back to this playlist.


Btw. I'm using the iOS app.

Updated: 2016-01-06


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This is desperately needed. I'm so sick and tired of listening to the first few songs of an album 100 times and missing the last tracks. Even iOS is unable to maintain a playlist position - a reason I have massively downgraded my star rating - once you use a few other apps spotify will be pushed out of memory and when you go back your position is totally lost. Making it impossible to ever listen all the way through a 100+ song playlist UNLESS you use pen and paper to track where you were (what century is this again?)

Casual Listener

I completely agree.

I frequently encounter this problem while 'shuffling' / listening to playlists for short durations. Especially during mobile sessions.

Unless your playlist only has a few songs, you will inevitably overplay some tracks and not hear others.

Speaking as a somewhat hardcore user, I feel that it would be game changing if there was an option to 'pause' / 'resume' playlist playback. I would use it religiously.

In a way, this is already partially built into Spotify with the official radio stations. i.e. when you return a to a radio station you've played previously it picks up where you left off.

Why can't we have the same functionality in regards to individual playlists? It would be fantastic in so many ways:

  • Users wont hear songs play 'too often' out of randomness
  • Users will never 'not hear' certain songs out of randomness
  • It will reduce the number of tracks people skip (based on the above points) which could also reduce mobile device battery consumption
  • Users can now listen to playlists in their full entirety without having to commit to a full-length sessions
  • Switching between playlists radio station style would be fun as hell (refer to: radio station system in GTA games)


I truthfully believe Spotify would be taking a industry leading step if they chose to integrate this.
The issues outlined here are not new and apply to almost every music player out there.

Perhaps I'm exceptional, but I would jump ship right away if this feature was available somewhere else.
Even if it meant manually acquiring / organizing all my music myself. It would just be THAT satisfying and much of an improvement overall.

So long as it's introduced as optional and non-invasively (say via the playlist right-click context menu), I don't see any harm in it.

Casual Listener

This idea should be a general feature, not just for iOS!


I have an old iPhone that is used as a dedicated glorified iPod next to my bed connected to an alarm clock radio thing. I also have an Android phone which I listen to Spotify less frequently, but more recently I have been using the PlayStation 4 since it is connected to my home theatre system. I would love if my playlist position was saved on PS4 across sessions.


As a bonus, it would be cool if the playlist position was saved and synced across devices.


Hi Guys,

there is a old thread, started in 2012, that suggests the same feature. Maybe you want to give kudos there too...





This would be a small thing to implement, but a huge thing in terms of usability.


I use spotify for music discovery.   I often will play one of the curated playlists like a radio station, saving songs that I like.  It is a pain when one restarts spotify, or switches playlists based on mood, only to have go back and scroll through a long playlist guessing where you left off last time so that you can resume playing again music that you haven't heard before.