Save shuffle setting for each playlist

Some of my playlists are albums, which I like to listen to in the order in which the tracks are laid out - this is particularly important in some concept albums or soundtracks.


Some of my playlists are very large random collections of songs, which I like to be shuffled.


I'd like the shuffle setting to be saved for each playlist - so I can have my soundtracks played in order, but still get my other collections shuffled.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2017-11-20


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I'd also love this: it's something that I've wanted from my music player(s) going back as long as I can remember...


I want to shuffle some playlists but not others.


Please implement this, Spotify? As far as some your feature requests go, this one's pretty easy to implement.


This idea should include adding 'Shuffle' to the desktop app for saved playlists.