Save shuffle setting for each playlist

Some of my playlists are albums, which I like to listen to in the order in which the tracks are laid out - this is particularly important in some concept albums or soundtracks.


Some of my playlists are very large random collections of songs, which I like to be shuffled.


I'd like the shuffle setting to be saved for each playlist - so I can have my soundtracks played in order, but still get my other collections shuffled.

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Updated on 2017-11-20


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I'd also love this: it's something that I've wanted from my music player(s) going back as long as I can remember...


I want to shuffle some playlists but not others.


Please implement this, Spotify? As far as some your feature requests go, this one's pretty easy to implement.


me too - how do we shuffle spotify?

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Also a way to SORT a playlist randomly

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This idea should include adding 'Shuffle' to the desktop app for saved playlists.

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I am looking for this. Find it kinda annoying that once I set 'shuffle' for one playlist, it's set for all playlists. Can't believe this hasn't even been added yet!


this would be excellent. 😄


+1!!!!  (More if I could.)


I've been wanting this for a long time.  Especially since I listen to a lot of albums that are recorded from a live concert.  Often the band leads into the next song, then BAM!  Shuffle puts you on something else because I forgot to change it from the previous playlist I was listening to on shuffle.


Please remember my shuffle settings per playlist!


What would probably be best would be to have a preferences option for "Global Shuffle" (ex: Option in settings will have shuffle work for "All playlists" or if unchecked will "remember each playlist's specific shuffle setting".)

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I wonder how we get an update on ideas like this?


It would be great if the repeat/shuffle settings didn't need to be set for every playlist. Like marcusjroberts and others, I have playlists that I would like to add an "override" non-shuffle setting to but still maintain a global setting for all playlists not specifically altered. One method of implementing this could be similar to how id's override class settings in html.

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