[Search] Type username to find EVERY user (also w/o Facebook)

Hi, I've lots of friends using spotify but they are not connected to their facebook profile.

I think it would be awesome if you specify an ID to every listener beside the facebook account. It can be usefull, and also it's easier to add everyone you want even without having their facebook profile.


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated: 2016-09-18


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but unfortunately hasn't gathered enough kudos (50 per year). In order to keep an overview of the active & recent ideas in this forum, we will close this idea for now. However this does not mean that your idea has been declined by Spotify.

If you still feel strongly about your request, we encourage you to post your idea in a little different form again! Maybe now is the right time to receive the support of our community for your suggestion! ;)

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Actually, they should show up when you type their Spotify username into the search bar (even when they're not your facebook friends). After that you can follow them and they will also show up when you want to share something.


That's not working for you?

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That's interesting. Could you PM me their Spotify usernames / or just reply here with the names if you don't mind - so I can try to find them?

If finding them doesn't work for me either I could escalate it to the staff to check out that issue.